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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bob Mellow?


Not Bob Mellow.



The feds already got him. You say the state wants a piece of the action on public corruption charges, too? Bob Mellow?

That degenerate former state senator and Democratic political warlord who for decades wielded power like a shining rapier? That Bob Mellow? The admitted criminal and federal gangster who pleaded guilty and is now serving a 16-month sentence in a South Carolina prison camp?


That Bob Mellow.

One and the same.

They got him again.

Or at least they got him thus far. The presumption of innocence hangs heavily on all Americans because it’s only fair. Due process must follow and Mellow is, whether we like it or not, innocent until proven guilty.

Or maybe the jury will hang up the way we’ve seen happen in hard coal country in the past.

The good news is that if our favorite convict pleads not guilty on the state rap and asks for a jury trial of his peers the trial will not be held here in Northeastern Pennsylvania where, despite yesterday’s announced grand jury indictment, too many people would have chosen our Bob Mellow over Francis for pope.

A trial will not surprise me if only because Mellow is a world-class dice tosser who usually won. The odds might still be in his favor that he can cajole and finagle and talk his way out of a conviction.

But he might be convicted.

And Mellow definitely does not want to do state prison time.


A federal camp is a serious inconvenience but state time is a living hell for a man like Mellow. He’ll actually have to do yard and shower time with very difficult men who are not at all impressed with a now frail senior citizen whose large color portrait hangs in the hall at the state Capitol.

So Mellow might plead guilty - again.

This time, law enforcement better make him cough up what he knows. Last time the feds let him off easy. If he ratted out friends we have no way of knowing. I’d say he didn’t only because he likely would have ratted out this pack who joined him in having their photos posted on a piece of cardboard at yesterday’s state attorney general’s press conference.

That appearance was far more serious for AG Kathleen Granahan Kane – Kathleen G. Kane, as the poster read – than her upcoming appearance Saturday night at the Society of Irish Women dinner. And, it’s actually good for her that her gender bans her from the Lackawanna County Friendly Sons of St. Patrick that same night. God knows how many mid-valley Mellow loyalists will be in attendance to hiss and boo the “girl” who charged their boy.

If Mellow pleads and cooperates, this same pack of political and business powerbrokers might soon be booking one-way tickets to the old sod or whatever other country of ancestral origin might hide them. If Mellow sings, other indictments will follow. In our big corrupt neighborhood, that could include almost anybody.

I’m looking for a deal here – one that will nonetheless include prison time.

Either way, we’re on the healing path.

That’s why no time exists like the present to strip Mellow’s name from the Blakely Borough park bears it. The same goes for the Mellow Theater at Lackawanna College, where the dull school president sits on the state ethics commission as a Mellow appointment.

The Mellow building at Misericordia University and wherever else Mellow found his way by hook and by crook into the hearts and minds of the faithful should also follow suit.

Bob Mellow is an outlaw and a disgrace.

We must once and for all change direction on the road to degradation by shunning and shaming the guilty – not regaling their legacy by further disgracing ourselves.

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