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Mitt's Money Can Buy Him Love

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Follow the money.

Tried, true and trite, the investigative mantra that unravels white collar corporate crime also works for political handicapping.

So bet the farm on Mitt Romney.

The Republican money man is pure capital. Despite his flip-flopping flaws, big bucks boost his stature even among members of the Grand Old Party who despise him. This red-blooded, white skinned great greenback of a candidate makes his campaign banner a colorful hue of red, white and emerald.

And the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow will forever top the staid, conservative red, white and blue heritage of the America’s favorite WASP party any day.

Newt Gingrich is a washed up adulterer. Ron Paul is a kooky militia man melting precious metal in the bunker. And Rick Santorum is a man of smoke and mirrors, an increasingly dramatic religious warlord whose rise to glory seems almost angelic until you see the killer mean streak that wants to deny liberty (mostly to women and other infidels) while offering freedom.

Mitt simply says it with cash.

If combine the personal wealth of all the past presidents since Richard Nixon Romney is worth twice as much. Please contemplate that frenetic financial fact of political life. When you’re a Republican, money can buy you love. When you’re Mitt, even forever in blue jeans, money absolutely makes the man.

The more checks that Mitt or his lieutenants in the super PACS (political action committees) write, when special interests start raising hundreds of millions on his behalf, the love fest will spread. Fickle and prissy powerbrokers will fall in line and support Mr. Mormon Money Bags who will brazenly try to buy his way into the White House.

Mitt might just make it.

President Barack Obama has vehemently opposed groups outside his campaign from raising money his behalf. That changed this week. Barack now also wants to follow the money – right up to special delivery special interest deposits for his future re-election.

Hope and change now takes on new meaning.

Barack hopes he can pull in all the third-party money he can get. Special interests crave change that benefits them.

No more chump change we can believe in. We’re talking treasure that makes Newt’s Tiffany purchases look like he bought them on a lead credit card. C’mon big money, as they say on the “Wheel of Fortune.” Barack is grinning and spinning the wheel.

But you have to wonder if the laughter stops when Barack sits alone in the Oval office listening to Marvin Gay singing about getting it on. Even America’s Big Brother knows he’s a penniless piker compared to Mitt.

And, while Mitt picks up steam, Barack is losing some high-profile back-up.

A New York Times story yesterday broke startling news about the lackluster support for Obama’s re-election in some liberal quarters – particularly from the man who might be the most notorious liberal political backer in the world.

George Soros, the anti-Christ to Republicans and billionaire businessman who contributed $27.5 million to Democratic efforts during the 2004 presidential campaign, recently said that Obama reminded him of Romney, according to the Times.

“There isn’t all that much difference,” Soros said.

That news must have put dollar signs in Romney’s eyes. Dangling a golden carrot on a sterling stick in front of Soros just might result in dividends for both men. If Soros wants something from a President Romney he will no doubt get it. So how hard will it be for Soros to jump ship and forsake Obama the way Newt has forsaken how many wives?

What can Barack give George? Chicago? Joe Biden? 

Barack’s already in big trouble.

His campaign has even promised to give back several hundred thousand dollars in contributions from a couple of brothers whose other brother, Pepe, is a wanted man in Mexico and is alleged to have ordered a hit on a business rival as Pepe appeased the drug cartels and worked his way into the casino business south of the border.

That’s enough to make Barack convert to Mormonism. To an increasing number of potential voters, Barack is more Rev. Wright than Mr. Right. With only nine months left until the election that seems very, very wrong.

Show me the moola?

Barack raised $750 million for his 20008 campaign.

Mitt’s probably got that much in his dirty jean pockets at the bottom of the palace clothes hamper.

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