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Maniac Cop Must Be Disarmed

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guess I better stay out of Texas.

Gilberton, too.

After yesterday’s live on-the-air interview (that you can hear in the audio vault at, maniac cop Mark Kessler’s supporters will be gunning for me – hopefully not literally, although that would not surprise me.

Maniacs are maniacs for a reason.

That’s why Kessler, the Gilberton police chief in Schuylkill County and a school director at the North Schuylkill School District, must be immediately disarmed and defused.

I reached Kessler while he vacationed by floating in an inner tube in a Texas river after watching the now viral videos he posted of himself on Youtube. I urge you to watch them as well, as long as you are 18 years of age or older.

The videos are not fit for minor consumption.

The videos are not fit, period.

Then decide if this unstable man is fit for any official public service duty short of an El Salvadoran death squad.

Forget about a short a fuse.

Kessler’s got no fuse.

America’s scariest police chief, as he’s been labeled in a national magazine needs help. Mental health counseling is not something I joke about nor should you. Psychological evaluations are required for all police officers. Failure to meet the standard must disqualify any aspiring or current officer.

Kessler is now a publicly raving maniac whose moral turpitude and conduct becoming an officer must officially disqualify him as a public servant. With his foul mouth and fully automatic machine gun, Kessler is locked and loaded and ready to explode – a ticking time bomb, a public menace, a barbarian with the keys to the gate.

And that’s the best I can say about him.

I asked Kessler yesterday if he was willing to counseling for his bizarre and threatening behavior.

Kessler asked me if I would seek counseling.

I’ve had more intelligent interactions with monkeys at the zoo.

I’m not the police chief. I’m not pulling the trigger on a machine gun. I’m not a school board member who is responsible for vulnerable children already under siege by bullies. I’m not someone who mocks mentally challenged people who deal with mental retardation.

I asked Kessler about his use of the word “libtard,” an obvious take-off on the disparaging use of the word “retard ” that right-wing fanatics nowadays apply to liberals.

Tough guy Kessler shied away from the question.

Then he got cute, inventing a new word that he tagged “libturd.” He seemed thrilled with himself and laughed. As he spoke, I easily imagined a nice doctor taking notes during Kessler’s psychological exam as Kessler clapped his hands and repeated the word over and over – libturd, libturd.

No, this is definitely not funny.

Kessler truly seems to fancy himself as some kid of hero, a white supremacist conservative patriot who is armed and dangerous and willing to stand his ground against the American government if and when he determines them to be tyrannical.

When evaluating Kessler, delusion is a word that comes easily to mind.

Kessler refused during yesterday’s interview to confirm who owns the machine gun(s) he fires in the videos.  Do the guns belong to him, the Gilberton Police Department or to someone else? Are these fully automatic machine guns registered with the federal government as they must be?

Kessler refused to say.

Federal law enforcement agents really need to ask him. But they better be careful when they approach this wild man wearing a badge and carrying a machine gun.

I’m truly worried that somebody will get hurt. I’m worried about Kessler. I’m worried about Gilberton. I’m particularly worried about the children in the school district Kessler represents. I’m worried about good cops and good citizens who all suffer when madness explodes in a police chief’s mind, a dangerous man who believes that the world is against him. I’m worried that he will one day believe that it is time for him to go out in a blaze of glory.

Yeah, I’m worried, all right.

You should worry, too - even if you’re from Texas.

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