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Let's Make It Official

“Quit while you’re behind” is not much of an attitude to take no matter the circumstance but sometimes it just fits.
Say for instance you’re the head of a police union who lays awake nights trying to figure out how to let the mayor know that you have a problem with him separating the position of chief from membership in your union.
Night after night you lay there, “How can we…? What could we…?” Then suddenly, a brainstorm!
The chief is a very enthusiastic chief who has taken to performing police duties even when he’s not on duty, right? I mean he’s arrested people and he wasn’t even on the clock!
How about you try this? “Why, he’s a non-union cop performing work that union cops should be doing!”
If you could just highlight that angle and ask the public to believe that the mayor might go so far as to lay off some union cops because he has a non-union cop who’s working even when he’s not being paid!
That’s the brainstorm.
Whoever came up with that must have been lying awake looking for an idea for an awful lot of nights in a row because I think sleep deprivation got the better of judgment here.
In a nutshell, the idea is, “The chief of police shouldn’t be doing police work because he’s not in the union.” And worse, he shouldn’t be doing it for free!
There’s an old joke that’s probably not proper to tell in it’s entirety in this politically correct time in which we live but the punchline is, “Hey, I might be crazy but I’m not stupid!”
And the icing on this debacle cake is that the union has not withdrawn it’s formal complaint. They’ve decided to let the state Labor Relations Board make it official.

“Quit while you’re behind.”

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04/25/2011 2:52PM
Let's Make It Official
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07/15/2011 10:57PM
Seen in Scranton
Hey, was that W.C. Fields and Cruella Deville walking arm in arm during the big Cordaro /Munchak trial like they were the show? Nope, just the goof Corbett and his "lovley partner"!Let's see, 3 out of 4 shock jocks won't let comments on this pathetic site. When are you going to stop it Webster?
07/15/2011 11:04PM
You Go Stevie!
Too much fun to be true. The Feds leak info to the Pig Corbett to get the public riled up, now he is on them. Seems Judge Vanaskie has a booze party foe Judge Nealon at the Federal Bldg., and some weasel leaks it to our hero Stevie, the cancer of Luzerne/Lackawanna County, and now he wants charges filed, some poor clerk fired, the LCB to file a citatation against the Judges. Wayyy to funny. Way to go WILK!! Hope you idiot businesses keep advertising with this low life station. An esteemed Judge is the longest serving Federal Judge in the 3rd Circuit, and his peers have a party, and this creep makes an issue out of it, with the assistance of a squealer in the Courthouse. Oh well, what do you expect from a SCAB like Stevie. Keep leakinf info to this creep Feds LOL!!!
07/17/2011 4:10PM
WILK not what it used to be
Nancy and Webster= rock 107 wannabe and who writes those awful skits? ; Sue Henry=dry, boring, dull, baseball, jazz, pop culture puke, and NOT funny with all those weird voices; Corbett= agitator, mooselimb lovin', illegal aliens can do no wrong soshalist. ( wilk does not allow certain words, thus the mizspellingz.)
07/21/2011 6:20AM
A BLOG that doesn't allow feedback.
only a WILK Corbett, Nancy. and Sue BLOG doesn't allow feedback. Someone may not agree with them- can't have that.----------and they wonder why their ratings are sinking. hmmmmm...
07/23/2011 6:19AM
the only reason Joe snedeker has a job at WNEP is the bike ride.
making fun of church, joking about his kid all alone in his room looking at adult publications, mocking important holidays that church people hold dear, and just being an all around bone head would usually be grounds for losing a job. Not at WNEP. No no no. The almighty Joe will bike and make the station look good with that doation at the end of the week to St. j's center. St. J's should be ashamed to take money raised by the fool Snedeker. Did you notice some mornings while Joe was receiving a corp. donation he wouldn't even remember to thank them for the donation? Real class, Joe. What a jack ash.
08/02/2011 2:18AM
Webster Understands...
Many of those WILK squawk(ers) about being forthright, but they could never work for a government agency. Living in the fishbowl would invite questions about previous indiscretions. Know what I mean newsguy! Neidhardt and Tom Woods were living off the public for many years lets get to work finding their former employers and how much they skimmed from the taxpayers before becoming self righteous. Right To Know. What are Corbett, Nancy and Sue afraid of? Have something to hide. Thanks for the free speech Webster!! I bet your next contract will close this loophole and give Nancy even more vacation than the government workers she vilifies.
08/07/2011 7:03AM
leftie Nancy "jumped up and down" after hearing the jobs news
I wonder what Nancy did after S&P downgraded the US credit rating? Oh, that probably don't mean nuttin' to smarty pants Nancy. You see, Nancy don't get economics. Nancy didn't learn that boring stuff in high school or college (and it shows). Nancy too busy being Nancy. Like, duhhhhh.....
08/08/2011 6:12AM
Nancy blames bad economy on Republican congress
Nancy doesn't democrat congress when Bush was Pres. Nancy, how about another week off and this time some brain surgery.
01/10/2012 11:34PM
Happy new year WILK
ratings keep sliding..any advertisers should be boycotted in my opinion anyway...I know I do. I hope WILK matches ad rates to match their reach.
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