Burn Ban and Clean Up

A bun ban is in effect today for the next 7 days for Bear Creek Village Boro. Open burning is not allowed and residents and motorists are reminded not to toss burning cigarettes from vehicles.   The City of Wilkes-Barre is once again p

Judge Says OK

The judge that heard Scranton's petition to increase the local services tax from 52 to 156 dollars a year has given the city the go ahead to enact an ordinance to impose it...retroactive to January 1 of this year.

Right Place Just in Time

Mohemi Falcon was on her way to the hospital Friday when her water broke. Scranton Police Officer James Golden arrived to find the woman in labor on the sidewalk on Quincy Ave. Moments later a little girl arrived with help from the officer. Mom and baby are going fine.

Ticks in PA

Pennsylvania officials are warning residents that there is now a danger of Lyme disease in every county. DEP researchers say that blacklegged deer ticks have now been observed in all 67 Pennsylvania counties, the first time that has happened.

The Trouble With Cali is Back

After 10 years...."The Trouble With Cali" is now back in Lackawanna County..three blue ray DVD copies of the finished movie arrived  yesterday. Once they get the go ahead, Commissioners say they will screen it for the public.

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