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Kathleen Kane Is Not Able

Monday, April 02, 2012

Kathleen Granahan Kane wants to be the next state attorney general.

The family trucking business suits her better.

Actually, even in the trucking business, she’s no friend to workers or anybody else who expects fairness and equality, traits you’d think a woman running as the first woman to be elected to the office would understand.

Pennsylvania already has an appointed woman in the office but Kane still highlights her gender even though she pretty much does as the good old boys tell her to do.

Ask Kane if she’ll fight in court to gain access for herself and other Irish-American women who are barred from the Lackawanna County Friendly Sons of St. Patrick annual dinner, where “tradition” forbid her from campaigning last month while her male counterpart would have been welcomed with open shamrocks had he chosen to attend.

Kane went to the “girls” dinner instead, where the marginalized females of the Society of Irish Women argue that discrimination doesn’t matter.

Fetch the cabbage, Bridget, and get me another Guinness.

Kane last week took considerable – and justifiable - heat when Murphy railed against her anti-labor stand as an executive in the family trucking company. Kane is a Democrat, of course, and knows that in order to be taken at all seriously that she must pay lip service to unions.

But when the issue of making organized labor more powerful through fairness came up during a recent television interview, Kane said she opposed the “card check” fair labor practice.

Then her campaign press spokesman howled she had been misunderstood.

Kane doesn’t understand that she can’t have it both ways.

Kane’s family has contributed most of her campaign money so their business is definitely the people’s business. And the people have a right to know exactly where she stands on this and other matters – matters such as parking tickets.

The parking ticket controversy started for me in a round-about way when Kane called my office last week and left a message to tell me that she had received the endorsement of former President Bill Clinton. The support is nice but likely will not make her a household name in the Commonwealth. Most voters probably don’t even know her in Northeastern Pennsylvania, let alone in Philly or Pittsburgh.

I left her a message inviting her on the show. I’ve known Kane for a few years now and have watched with wonder as she played with the idea of running for elected office. She planned to challenge former state Sen. Bob Mellow, made a grand show of the upcoming fight and then mysteriously dropped from the race. Mellow resigned and has now pleaded guilty to public corruption. I’ll always believe that Kane might have won a Senate seat had she remained a candidate. But she quit.

Kane called the show and we had a good talk about the death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, gun rights, self-defense and, of course, Clinton. Kane beamed at the endorsement and said Clinton’s chief-of-staff at the Clinton Foundation remembered her from when Kane headed up Hillary Clinton’s regional campaign when Hillary ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008.

I was a little confused, though. How did you actually make contact to even ask for the endorsement, I asked. Kane said she simply called Clinton and asked. He’s not in the book, I said. No, she said, she just Googled the foundation, got the telephone number and called. Nobody else helped? Kane said she did it all herself.

Interesting, I thought.

To the best of my knowledge, and I checked again this morning, no telephone number is attached to the Clinton Foundation website. If it’s there and I’m missing it, maybe Kane’s PR flack can email me the way he emailed me when the parking ticket matter came up.

The day after Kane appeared on “Corbett” three websites and Sue Henry, my WILK colleague, hammered Kane about fifteen parking tickets Kane critics claim she dodged or somehow made disappear without paying them a few years ago.

In the spirit of fundamental journalism I called Kane’s cell phone number, which she had given me, and left as message. I invited her to clear up the matter. Her PR man called me back and wanted to know what I wanted. I hadn’t called him and said I wanted to talk with Kane on the air.

I soon received an email telling me that Kane would have no further comment about the tickets. No further comment? She hadn’t provided me with any comment.

I left another message on Kane’s cell phone, telling her that I was disappointed in her unwillingness to answer simple questions that gouge her credibility to the core.

But that’s apparently the way she wants it.

Kane is able to answer questions, but she’s definitely is not ready and willing.

Pennsylvania voters should be ready and willing to reject such behavior from any candidate who claims to want to represent the best interests of the people while insulting them by ignoring legitimate questions.

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