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It's a Gas, Gas, Gas!

I bought a five gallon gas can this week. The first thing you see when you walk into the store where I bought it is a gas can display, the price marked $19.95. I wandered through the store and found more identical gas cans on a shelf near the back where they were marked $18.95.

I love when I find something like that.

It was only a dollar difference but I was preparing for the battle that was about to take place.

"This can is marked 19.95 over there but back there it says they're 18.95!"

And the kid says, "Well let's see." Waves the magic price wand and VOILA! It scans for $18.95.

Damn it.

Then he says, "Unless you wanna pay 19.95." I replied, "I will if the 19.95 one has gas in it." I thought it was cute. The kid didn't get it or he didn't care.

And that's not even why I'm telling you all this.

If you haven't purchased a gas can since 2009 you might not know that the California Air Resouces Board (CARB) has decreed and evidently some other states have voluntarily complied with the fact that the old-style gas can spouts (the kind that work) were emitting excess fumes. So now gas cans come with a spring-loaded spout that won't allow the gas to pour unless the spout has pressure applied to it by making contact with the tank you're refilling. Or something.

I've used this kind of spout before. It's supposed to cut down on the fumes but in fact what it does is make filling the lawnmower or snowblower more difficult and you end up spilling more gas then you ever did with the old spout which obviously defeats the new spout's make-believe intent.

Faced with a gas can that has a government-mandated spout I wondered if there might be somplace online where one might purchase an old-school replacement spout.

And there is!

It's a website called EZ-Pour Spout (

They sell gas can spouts and water can spouts.

I was thrilled! 

But my bubble soon burst when I noticed on the website that Pennsylvania is one of a handful of states that do not allow the sale or purchase of pre-2009 gas can spouts. So I contacted the folks at EZ-Pour Spout and asked if there isn't some workaround for this.

There isn't.

What there IS is the fact that they CAN sell residents of Pennsylvania a water can spout legally, just fine and dandy, no problem whatsoever. And the water can spout is identical in every way to the gas can spout save for one difference.

It's a different color.

So I bought one.

In case I ever get a water can.

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04/02/2013 4:57PM
It's a Gas, Gas, Gas!
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04/15/2013 10:32AM
Just keeping us safer
This is just government doing their job of keeping us safer.. (Right?)
06/06/2013 7:27AM
yes its a better mouse trap. i own a gas station, not a mini mart,,, a real gas statiion. you should see an 80 year old man try to put gas in his lawn mower. or run out of gas and try to fill his car with a paper fenel while smoking a cig.... so whats the worst that can happen.
11/13/2013 1:27PM
03/05/2014 12:11PM
PA laws have changed!!
You can now buy the EZ-Pour gas can spout (for pre-2009 gas cans, of course)in PA! PA rescinded the CARB laws they have previously adopted and opted out for the Federal laws instead...which makes the use of the EZ-Pour gas spouts legal on cans in PA! This actually happened back in 2012, but no one advertised it..but its true...checked it myself!!
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