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It's All Relative

     Saw a picture of a hipster in a local weekend newspaper. Short hair, retro glasses, shirt buttoned up to the neck but manly stubble. I could smell the PBR.

     I'm not so old that I don't recall what it was like to be 22.

     I remember knowing I was indestructible.

     And even being on the far-reaching, almost invisible fringes of cool at the time, still I knew I was light-years ahead of not only my parents but in fact everyone not within five years of my age at the moment.

     And I never gave a thought to myself thirty years down the road.

     So, with that said, here are some tips for a demographic highly unlikely to ever wander past this blog.

     The measure of your 'cool' is, by it's nature, not something you can assess. Cool is only visible to others and to truly achieve it you have to be unaware that you have done so.

     You're not indestructible. Youth may give you 'hearty' but without hard work, hearty doesn't last. And frankly you lose interest in the illusion.

     And thirty years from now gets here. Make plans.

     Speaking of thirty years from now, that's when you'll shake your head and hide the picture you took of yourself today.

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01/30/2013 11:46AM
It's All Relative
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