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It's All About Liz

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Liz Randol lost her loaded gun.
Then she lost the election.
Now it looks like she could lose whatever sense of political principle her supporters always thought she had.
The Democratic candidate in the Scranton mayoral election seems a little too greedy for political power in ways that surprise some supporters who always thought it was about public service and not about Liz.
It’s all about Liz.
And she seems willing to do whatever it takes politically to get elected mayor.
The worst example of her ego occurred election night after she conceded loss to opponent Bill Courtright, a Democrat with his own ego problems. Liz even lost her own South Side neighborhood.
But Liz gave no concession speech.
Instead she whipped her supporters into an embarrassing frenzy that raised the hopes of people who deserved better. She promised, not hoped for, but promised that she would win the Republican nomination thanks to a sneaky write-in campaign that relatively few people knew about.
Had more people known, she actually might have won.
But bad planning, despite her Ph.D. in Philosophy and Buddhist Studies, took her out of the mix.
No matter what Liz says or how her beautiful people supporters try to spin it, bad planning troubled her campaign from beginning to end. One campaign worker told me she was never organized enough to send the army of get-out-the-vote workers to campaign in the days leading up to Election Day. A smart political consultant who worked another race told me that Liz treated the polls as it she owned them and had already won.
But Liz lost.
Liz beat herself.
I will always believe that the gun incident – that is not over from what I’m hearing – took her out of contention.
Had Liz not lost her gun that turned up loaded on a city sidewalk a block away from an elementary school, more people would have embraced her campaign and contributed money and name power to her bid for office. Liz could have won and would have made the best mayor – for whatever that’s worth.
But she also lost the support of too many regular, responsible voters and too many women over 50 who thought Liz was too glitzy and looked like her jewelery cost more than they and their husbands made in a week.
Smart women candidates downplay the glimmer.
Liz was a novice who lost her only previous electoral bid who refused tell her own people the truth when she misled them on Election night.
“Game on,” she howled at her after election party. “Game on.”
And her fans cheered.
But she had lost the write-in, too.
Now word on the street is that Gary Lewis, who won the Republican nod, might pull out of the general election. That rumor was on the street before the election but now it’s hot. Republican bosses are saying they could then appoint a candidate.
Would Liz really accept the hated Republican endorsement.
Is the Pope a Catholic?
This perceived liberal feminist abortion rights supporter might be the weirdest Republican since Jimmy Connors. But since it’s all about Liz I will not put it past her. Will she make deals and promise a big piece of her world to Republican devils? Next time you see Liz, ask her.
This scenario, if true, should erupt in the next few days. Secret meetings and sleazy operatives meeting in back rooms will once again be in vogue. And Liz loves vogue. But is Scranton ready for beautiful people Republicans?
Maybe Liz can will say a novena at St. Ann’s and raffle off an assault rifle to show how serious she is about her new non-partisam political science.
Because, in Scranto, every day is Election Day and all the votes are for sale.
When it comes to politics, it’s never over.

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