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Hooray for Breast Milk Baby!

Every once in awhile, I read a story that makes me think the world is upside down. Today it was a story out of Spain, where a breastfeeding doll is controversial. Yes, there are people who are obviously upset that a company would make a doll that “helps girls learn about the bond between a mother and a child”. 
How sad is that? The “Breast Milk Baby” comes with a cloth halter which shows where little girls would hold the doll, and the doll makes noises. Wow, that’s startling? Why would anyone be bothered by something that nature intended? I guess it’s perfectly okay to have a doll with a bottle, a doll that pees and poops, a Barbie with large breasts and the skinniest of waists, a GI Joe with weapons, but not a doll that breastfeeds. I am amazed at how such a natural thing can be met with such queasiness by others.  
News flash, women’s breasts were made for feeding. 
In talk radio we talk about plenty of opinions and controversies, but here’s one thing we do KNOW. Breastfeeding is a healthier alternative than formula feeding.   It seems that some people get offended when you state that. I understand that some women physically can’t breastfeed, but that’s not a large number. There are plenty of women who give it up because it’s not easy at first. You have to get the baby used to the latching process, the nipples get sore, the baby may not get enough until all your milk comes in, etc etc. If you don’t want to breastfeed, that’s your choice. I wish I breastfed my son longer. He was exclusively breastfed for 3 months, and we mixed breastfeeding with formula for another 3 months. My daughter breastfed for a year and a half. It wasn’t easy with work, I would pump in my office when I wasn’t with her. I’m glad I had an office for privacy. Many women don’t. We live in a society that is very hostile towards breastfeeding. Things have to change. Let’s make workplaces more friendly for nursing moms, let’s let women breastfeed in public without fear of scorn.
News flash, there are plenty of germs in public bathrooms. Feed your baby where you and he/she are most comfortable. I’ve fed them in the car, at the mall, on the beach and at the kitchen table. Out of sensitivity to others, I’d have them covered in public, however I have no problem with those who make no effort to ‘hide’.
Our children have been conditioned through years of doll-making  and public pressure to believe that bottle feeding is the norm for infants and breastfeeding is unusual.   Get over it already.  If breastfeeding makes you uncomfortable, ask yourself why? Especially if it makes you more uncomfortable than seeing overt sexuality and jiggling breasts on the tv.

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