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Hillary's Day In The Sun

Monday, June 15, 2015

From where she stood in the golden sunshine of a brilliant New York morning, Hillary Rodham, Clinton made a solemn promise - to make America better for everyday Americans.

We all stand to share in that promise simply because we will finally have a chance, an equal opportunity for everyday people to make the most of who and what we are and hope to be in a nation free of want and fear – just like the powerful vow of the man after whom the park where we gathered is named.

Free to express ourselves and worship if we choose.

Free to be.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was our grand champion then.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is our grand champion now.

Saturday’s rally marked her presidential campaign’s official public beginning with a speech, a fitting plan to return America to its heritage and take us into the future stronger and better equipped to face the many challenges of tomorrow.

Tomorrow, not yesterday as Hillary’s bitter critics cry, a new day, not the bad old days of yesteryear’s trickle-down democracy, but a truly American day that marks the beginning and not the end of a dream that is on the ropes.

Hillary promises to be a champion, somebody who has been down but never out, a fighter who perseveres and never quits. She told the overwhelmingly young crowd in the park that she has been called many names, but “quitter” is not one of them.

Looking confident and calm, Hillary spoke amid the boisterous cheers from the crowd that erupted accompanied by a wave of countless small flags that flew in homage to new glory, not old glory, but new glory baptized with all the fanfare and resilience of an old-fashioned Scranton christening.

Trust has survived some bad times for too many people, young and old, good people who ask for little and get as much – good people in this great place where liberty and justice has too often withered in abandoned corners of our county.

Trusting is sometimes terrifying, but the willingness to stay in the fight, to pick yourself up when you’re down is always worth the effort.  

And, as Hillary vowed to lead that effort, the crowd once again roared its approval and willingness to join the cause. These people will now face the haters and reject their hatred. They will welcome the attacks as gifts, informing the arbiters of injustice that their days are numbered, that common sense and decency will nurture our national public policy from now on.

Science, human and civil rights, economic justice and wisdom will rule the day.

Pride will prevail.

As Hillary stood strong and spoke from a small stage in the park, a cool breeze blew across the East River, sending small ripples across the water as signs of bigger waves to come – a movement for fairness, for a change. Slowly but surely, her honorable ideas will become the land of the land – your land, my land, from California to this New York island.

And, again, Roosevelt Island erupted with the beautiful noise of expectation. With hard work, training, support and guidance, we will make it together. With a chance to which we must all be entitled, the good people of this nation will do and be better than ever.

Standing her ground and inviting everyone to join her, Hillary promised the world to take action against unfairness that has stripped too many people of their dignity, holding them back and holding them down – women and men, straight and gay, people who deserve better and rarely complain.

But, even in our terribly jaded world, the people who listened to her, who support and work for her election, were willing to enlist in the sacred mission to change the world because they know the world needs them.

This is America’s authentic promise in all its’ sweetest splendor.

This is the best of our respectful and decent people, one great American family that will finally stand together for what is right.

This is the Hillary Rodham Clinton who will become president.

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