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Hey Lyndon, Theodore says hello!

     In 1964 my 3rd grade classmate Teddy found a ripped up old dollar bill and someone told him that if he mailed it to the President of the United States, the President would send him a perfectly good dollar to replace it. So Teddy mailed his mutilated bill to Lyndon Johnson, care of the White House.

     And son of a gun if it wasn’t just a couple of weeks later and the President mailed Teddy a check for one dollar! Well, somebody mailed him a check.    

     But we all thought it was President Johnson. We figured Johnson probably sat around the Oval Office all day waiting to get letters from kids who send in old beat-up money so he could cut them a check and get it in the mail right away. What a guy. Good ole’ Lyndon Baines. 

     I mention this only because I wanted to be the first kid in space and I thought it would be a great idea to use Teddy’s close acquaintance with LBJ as a means of introducing myself to the President while simultaneously volunteering for a space mission. Because, to put it mildly, you could say that I was a space enthusiast as a lad.

     I had a space helmet. Toy rockets. I could identify Sheppard, Schirra, Glenn, Grissom, all of the original Mercury missile-men on sight. I read everything I could get my hands on about space and spaceships and anything at all to do with NASA. (I later suffered severe emotional distress when, at eight years of age, I realized that my allergic reaction to Tang would prevent me from a career as a spaceman.)

     But when Teddy got his one dollar check from…wherever it really came from, I didn’t know that fate and whatever they put in Tang would never allow me to escape the surly bonds of gravity and soar into the inky black void.

     So I wrote a letter to President Johnson.

     I gave it to my Dad to mail for me. Thing is, I guess he and Mom read the letter and thought it was just the cutest thing so they decided to keep it instead. For posterity I guess. At least I suppose that’s why they didn’t mail it though now that I think about it there is a chance that Mom and Dad weren’t all that sure that the government was above participating in a “send a kid into space” stunt and they definitely did not want me going into space. They didn’t even want me going out of the yard.

     Well Dad was going through a box full of posterity in the basement not too long ago and he found my note to the President. And so now, I present the text of the letter I wrote to President Lyndon Johnson in the fall of 1964.

     Dear Mr. President:

     I think just recently you sent my friend Theodore a one dollar check. Boy, oh, Boy, everybody was talking about it. Well anyway, now that we are ahead of the russians in space travel. And I’m always studying about it well if monkeys, went into space, and men, why not children. After all the russians sent up that woman cosmonaut so why not show them up by putting a child onto the moon flight. Now don’t worry he wont be in the “LEM”, it means the vehicle that will land on the moon. He’ll just be orbiting. Dear Sir please give this some serious thought.

     NASA’s Admirer
     John Webster Jr.,

P.S. If you do I hope they choose me.

     Was I Beaver Cleaver or what?

     Please note the formal use of  “Theodore”, because in correspondence with the President I think it’s obvious we create a sophisticated and serious impression through the use of at least a modicum of formality.

     Good thing the folks didn’t mail that letter because my in-depth briefing of the President on the nature of the “LEM” had to be exactly the kind of know-how NASA was looking for.

     I think too that President Johnson might have been duly impressed by my punctuation. Evidently I wrote that letter the day there was a two-for-one sale on commas.



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11/04/2010 2:25PM
Hey Lyndon, Theodore says hello!
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11/06/2010 6:36AM
It is so great to read something not so serious on this web site. Corbett is always so serious and grave. It is wonderful to have a reason to listen and read these blogs. Thank you Mr. Webster
11/08/2010 6:03AM
Nancy won't let any posted comments on her blog
Nancy's thoughts have always been a joke. Nothing is funnier than to hear her lack of communication skills... right down to the punctuation skills. wow. Public education in action. On one hand, Nancy also loves to preach to us about cancer. On the other hand, Nancy smokes. wow. that adds Nancy's head. Could that be the same part of Nancy's head that loves Obama?
11/08/2010 7:08PM
Now corbett and nancy don't let you comment on their blogs.
two weenie lefties who don't want to hear another opinion. They have always been the joke at WILK radio. Let's be clear on that.
11/08/2010 9:00PM
WILK bans free speech on their blogs
WILK doesn't allow certain words to be used on their blogs. AND, it looks like Nancy and Corbett aren't for free speech after all. They don't let you post on their deep thoughts.
11/13/2010 8:16AM
Thank God for Webster
So nice to see or hear a reasonable voice on the radio, Nancy should be bringing Johnny coffe and doughnuts every morning cause I bet the ratings are up 10 fold since that panzy Kevin left.....he was horrible, I had to turn the show off after 20 min or so because him and Nancy's views are just so out there.
11/17/2010 1:00PM
John, You should actually be glad that you are allergic to TANG. My appliance specialist told me to use one jug of tang mixed with a bottle of lemon juice, and dump it into the hopper of my front load washer. Run the cycle on hot, and presto!!Clean washer. Removed all the scales. I swear.... it really works. If this concoction descaled a heavy duty washer, imagine what is does to your insides? Scary. Great show. Thanks. OCS
11/29/2010 8:24PM
Corbett don't let you leave feedback on his blog
the one who spews free speech in the end is a fraud. well done, Corbit.
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