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Hey, Hey Paula

Last week the WILK family said goodbye to Paula Deignan.  As the afternoon news anchor I always knew that the stories she reported on would be fair, accurate and delivered in the professional and friendly way she has always had.  This is the second time Paula and I parted.  Paula was my first radio boss, hiring me part time to run ‘the board’ at WWDL in Scranton back in 1988. 
I was a Marywood College (now University) student, with a desire for the bright lights of television.  Back then, to get into tv news, you started working  in radio. 

After months of loading the reel to reels each hour, and putting ABC commercials and weather on carts, Paula let me try out doing the news.  When Jean Wilding had the day off, or a week of vacation, I got to do the news.  I can still remember leaving the studio after recording the news, and Paula chuckled when she nicely told me I didn’t have to talk so loudly.  It’s a common broadcast 101 problem for young deejay/reporter wannabe’s- you don’t need to yell into the mic.
Then one morning I got a call which was really a wake up call.  There was a horrible crime that happened in Scranton that was too close to home for me in many ways.  A fellow Marywood student was killed after getting off the bus in the East Mountain area of Scranton.  Deborah Lucke was shot and killed on a winter afternoon.  Many young women on campus were horrified and shocked.  I can’t remember exactly who had called me, but WWDL needed to be at a news conference that morning where it was believed that an arrest was being made in the case.  I went to the station to get the equipment, and headed for the story.

Back in those days, the late 80’s, almost every radio station had a news department.  There were as many radio reporters as tv, if not more.  I remember feeling all kinds of conflicting emotions.  My first big story, a young woman found dead who I could completely identify with, my heart broken for her family.  Would I get it right?  Would I forget to hit record on the cassette record?  It was overwhelming. 

In the end, I got the story.  A neighbor, Nicholas Trubia, admitted to killing Lucke and then sexually assaulting her. I remember the flash of cameras, reporters peppering law enforcement with questions.   I might not have known exactly what I was doing, but I was able to muddle my way through it.  It was the first in many big stories I got to cover. 

There’s no more WWDL now, the owner having himself become a big news story that we ended up covering here at WILK.  For where I am today, I thank Paula Deignan for giving a young woman at Marywood a chance at broadcasting.  Good luck Paula, and I’m not ruling out that our paths will cross once again.

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04/01/2013 11:08AM
Hey, Hey Paula
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04/02/2013 6:24AM
Nancy, learn, to, punctuate,..
Nancy, where did you, learn, that,?
04/04/2013 9:35PM
saying Nancy knows how to punctuate is like saying michelle Obamais a diva...just ain't happeni
Nancy- did you skip a few of them punctuation classes at Trail? You, Nancy, who knows all things each morning, can't punctuate? Come on!!!
04/10/2013 3:29PM
Nancy, thanks for this account of Paul, Marywood and beyond... Best wishes Paul & Bob...
Nancy, Finally found time to catch up on your blogs.... love this account of how you and my good friend, Paula, became more than just professional cquaintances... Knew Paula from the North Scranton 'hood, through NSJrHigh, Central... and of course, Marywood... Marywood, their Radio and Television Departments developed many great media deejays and anchors... Subsequently, I have followed and kept in touch with so many over the years throughout the country... Thanks for sharing for these accounts. Also, sadly continue to think about Debbie Lucke to this day, having also known many of her relatives from the Mountain Lake (E.S)area... May God continue to Bless Debbie and her loved ones... Thanks, Tom
03/18/2016 11:47AM
Talking to the radio.
Every morning on talk Radio WILK,I find myself talking not on but to the radio.When Paula says "Good Morning, I'm Paula Degnan", I always answer, "Good Morning, I'm Lou Degnan."
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