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Here's to a civil New Year

A New Year is here. For many it’s a new start. We overeat, overindulge and just plain go to excess for the holidays and this is when we try to right the ship.
As I look at 2012, I see a year full of dissention. It’s a Presidential Election year and this one promises to top all others on the ugly-meter. Before we get all wound up in the tug of war between the factions, I want to focus on the things that bring us together. How about being nice to one another? You can disagree without going full on crazy with someone, can’t you?
The anonymity in the comments area of a news story, in an email or calling into a talk show brings out the dark side of some people. My name is Nancy Kman and I am not afraid to say what I believe in. However, if I didn’t have to say who I was, and I didn’t have to face the person I’m talking to, I might not be very polite. Just look at the monster you and I become behind the wheel of a car.

What I’m trying to say is that when you call us, email us, or comment about us, try to use a tone that you would if you were standing before us, or talking to us over dinner. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve received very nasty email, but when one of us responds the emailer becomes more courteous, or apologizes for the tone.  
I admit to getting passionate about the things I believe in, as I’m sure many of you are. That’s why you listen to talk radio. But as my Dad always says “say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean.”
This is a lesson I’m still learning. When I’m driving, and I’m cut off, I try not to take it personal. Perhaps the driver is going to see a sick family member, or just lost their job. It’s hard to use that thinking when a caller calls you a name, or yells at you, or emails you personal insults that have nothing to do with the discussion. I’m trying though.

It may be an exercise in futility, but I’m hoping that in 2012, we’ll be able to discuss the political issues during the heated campaign in a civil fashion. Sure, we’ll have our ups and downs, but it’s worth striving for. What makes us a great nation is our diverse people and our tolerance for those differences. Let’s set an example because as history has shown, there will be a lot of people watching us and listening to us during this Presidential Election.

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