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Fallout from the Barletta interview

Thought I'd post an email I got from a Barletta supporter, along with my response following the interview Webster & I had with Congressman Lou Barletta Wednesday on the show.      

I think you owe Lou an apology.  You have to be professional at all times, but yesterday, you seemed to have lost it.  I like your station, but was embarrassed by how you spoke to Mr. Barletta.  I realize you are the station manager, but you have to report to someone in Entercom and wonder what your immediate manager would think of that interview.  I have listened to your station for years and don't agree with everything that is said, however, it's informative and your interview yesterday will make it less informative as many politicians will be reluctant to appear on your show and station from here on out.  My favorite personality is Sue Henry and I know Sue would NEVER speak to any guest like you did.  I think you upset more than me yesterday. 



I don’t owe anyone an apology. I am a talk show host.  We have opinions.  I did not call Lou Barletta or invite him on the show.  I did NOT know he had called until John Webster said so on the air.  He called us.  He is a politician.  It’s his job to talk to the people.  He knows me and he knows that I personally like him, but he is on the wrong side on this issue.  I have no qualms in telling him that.  As for getting rid of callers-John handles the phone calls, not me.  I do NOT hang up on anyone.


I have received a lot of email from listeners who thanked me for the interview with Barletta.  A number told me they were Republicans who don’t usually agree with me, but agree with me on this issue.  I was hard on Kanjorski last year when he stopped doing town hall meetings.  I took flak for that too.  I take my job seriously and I do ruffle some feathers.  My job is not to make everyone happy.  I owe listeners more than softball questions and that’s what I do.  I understand that Barletta supporters may be unhappy with the way he sounded in that discussion, but if you’re truthful with yourself you’ll realize that you should be disappointed in him and not me.


I am sincere when I thank you for emailing me.  I realize you took time out of your day to contact me and I appreciate it.


Have a nice day.


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