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Don't Get Fooled Again You Dirty Girls

I’m hearing a lot of friends talking about the upcoming Dirty Girl Mud Run in Scranton.  Last year there was quite the controversy concerning how much money the event raised, and how little money went to breast cancer.  Now if you want to get all dirty and get some exercise, and are willing to fork over $75 to go at it, have fun.  Just don’t expect that you’re really doing very much in helping fight this awful disease.  That’s because this capitalistic venture (nothing wrong with that) is only giving 2.5% of the money raised to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, a mere $1.88.

Last year, there were individuals and teams that participated in honor of survivors, and those that died from breast cancer.  Volunteers gave time in helping to set up the event, only to find out that it really was to essentially make money for the organizers, with a crumb thrown to cancer funding. They still have the volunteer link up on the site.  Yes, you too can set up a for-profit venture and not get paid a dime.  Wow.   It’s really important to be discerning about companies, products, and events that shroud themselves in pink and say they are raising money for breast cancer.  The emotional tug for people is so strong and the betrayal can leave a bad taste in the mouth that lingers for a long time.

If I really want to be picky, I can point out that alcohol is implicated as a contributor to cancer.  Why is it being served at the Dirty Girl Run?  Why is it being served at an athletic event that claims to help fight against breast cancer.  Oh right, to make money.  By the way, only the small percentage of the registration fee goes to the NBCF, not the proceeds on the adult beverages and unhealthy food they sell. 

I realize that many of you may enjoy the camaraderie, the challenge, the bonding that the Mud Run brings.  Just make sure you’re doing it with your eyes wide open.  In my opinion, the best way to honor someone you lost to breast cancer is to give directly to the fight against it. 

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02/19/2013 11:07AM
Don't Get Fooled Again You Dirty Girls
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