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There are 188,000 eligible registered voters in Luzerne County. I’ve been told the sixth place finisher on the Republican side in the county judicial race can win with over 4,000 votes. Do not adjust your sets, that what I was told. The sixth place finisher on the Democrat side could win with 6,500 votes. That’s right.
So, imagine how few votes it will take for the 11th place finisher on the Democrat or Republican side to win the primary in the Luzerne County Council race. There are 16 Republican candidates, meaning that a lot of people are going to make it through the primary and on to the general.
Talk radio has pre-occupied itself with the nuances of these races, and I think it’s the right thing to do. Look, I know there was a royal wedding. I understand the NBA and NHL are in some of the final throes of their respective playoffs. I know the kids are graduating soon and it’s almost time to get your Memorial Day plans under control. However, I want you to know this election has been called “the most important of our generation” by some. Did you know that 60 percent of the Luzerne County bench will be decided on for the next ten years with this election? If you are one of the people who was sickened by the Luzerne County corruption scandal, you may want to self-motivate yourself all the way to the polls on Tuesday.
The primary election is often met with a yawn because some people don’t like registered for a party or voting for a single party. Don’t let this logic keep you away. Remember that we got into the sorry state where we are by allowing complacency to win. We’ve allowed political dynasties to destroy our chance of having a responsible government that’s not run by people who have lost sight of you in their quest for them. Don’t let it happen again. Vote. Please.   

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