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Corbett Cam! Episode 4: It's a Mericle Rob Was Found

Corbett catches up with Rob Mericle at the federal courthouse in Scranton.. What happens next is well worth the price of admission. You BETTER watch!

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04/01/2014 4:00PM
Corbett Cam! Episode 4: It's a Mericle Rob Was Found
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04/15/2014 1:38PM
corbett cam rob mericle
steve corbett, his radio program and all that goes with it, is a crude, rough around the edges, TMZ like, unsympathetic and at times misguided. however he is a neccessary watchdog,who is not afraid to step on toes especially the toes in position of powerand the popular ones. ends justify the means, i do not know. and i have faith kosik will do the right thing, he did before.
04/18/2014 2:30PM
" I've Never seen a black person on any of St. Mericle's crews, nor a Hispanic.( Oh yeah I forgot; we all just want welfare anyways.)" " Seriously though - much like the Sterling Hotel Charade the unspoken conclusion that there's nothing left to say rears it's ugly head again. Today's smattering of proponents of Saint Mericle unequivocally allude to a 'single transgression' by the Finder's Fee poster child. How many millions have changed hands unreported to the I.R.S., and most certainly overlooked by other fledgling contractors that remain outside of NEPA's corrupted sphere of influences. Observe how well-maintained Moon Lake Park is after St.Mericle and his heavenly helpers pitched in to preserve the tax payer's crown jewel recreation venue. I marvel at his astute leadership in the preservation of the Historical Sterling Hotel. The state of the art engineering acumen employed by his community minded staff speaks volumes of his concern for the people of this county, and it's amenities. His leadership in the restoration of the Irem Temple Mosque, and that $1.9 million blighted train station is matched by no one. The industrial parks he's erected so many buildings in provide such family sustaining jobs that NEPA is nationally know as thee 100th worst place in America to live ( I STILL HAVE YET TO SEE THAT ARTICLE - HELP PLEASE.) It is nothing but diplomatic genius how he negotiated with Martz, W-B City, and the L.C.T.A. to ensure that adequate public transit would alleviate traffic congestion by the creation of bus routes into all of the area's job center's. Outstanding effort." Austin Burke, former president of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce, wrote in a 2009 letter that he was “dismayed” Mericle’s “error in judgment” could “deprive us of a driving force that has done so much good here.” “I was saddened to learn of the mistake that Rob made and which he acknowledges. I was saddened personally for Rob because I feel it was a singular lapse by an otherwise honorable and astute person,” Burke wrote " WHERE'S THIS GUY BEEN???" "THE ONLY THING ST. BOBBY HAS ONLY DONE ONCE IS: GET CAUGHT." " Alas, our admitted felon benefactor already accepted his plea deal, and the court is bound to honor that single admission of guilt ALTHOUGH I'VE YET TO SEE ANY INCOME TAX REPORTS OF THE MILLIONS IN 'FINDER'S FEES, OR THE SIGNED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ATTESTING TO THE PARTICULARS OF EACH DEAL WHERE FINDER'S FEES WERE AWARDED. " "NO JUDGE KOSICK - THIS GUY IS A DIRTY DEALER, AND HAS ONLY LIFTED A FINGER WHERE IT BENEFITTED HIM AND HIS EVERLOVING CLAN." The people of this region have only been excluded from the good life that Robert Mericle, his wife Kim, their children, and all his loyal clan have enjoyed; mostly with tax payer money they've gleaned through the practice of his yet to be ruled illegal Finder's Fees. His followers are invited to his Private Affairs, and can afford to vacation elsewhere...I forgot; he loves giving travel trips away. Tell this Grand Gangsta: the deal's off pal. ;-D... " Wouldn't it be nice if The Searcher of Hearts would emerge and free this planet of all this evil nonsense. Perhaps the ability to cast the first demonic spirit to it's fiery demise, and free St. Robert Mericle from what is certainly a singular demonic possession; and let's not forget his vendor: Gregory Zapalla boy wonder of Investment Banking that was hood winked by our local gangsta fellas - Conahan, Powell, Moran, Ciavarella and the untold number of unindicted co-conspirators, or should we say Democrats & Republicans that still ply for our vote with wads of campaign dollars from folks that breathe only rare air is yours alone!!! God Speed Judge Kosik." ;-\...
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