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Monday, April 30, 2012

Communication breakdown?

Not even close.

That’s Led Zeppelin.

On “Corbett” we’re talking and listening and reading and writing at the high-energy fast pace that makes us or breaks us. Indeed, some have broken. Just ask a few politicians who tried to deceive and cajole and spin us into their reality at the expense of our own political future.

Most of us are in this continuing conversation for the duration, whatever that means. And each day we’re anxiously looking for more and better ways to speak freely and convey whatever messages we believe matter.

Obviously communication is everything in media.

But in 2012 WILK News Radio is more than a voice on the radio.

You’re a major voice as well.

So welcome to the first ever “Corbett” listener/reader/talker survey so I can get a better grip on what you want, need and appreciate in the five days a week, four hours a day we spend together.

And that’s just the beginning.

On the air I’m not only sharing my opinion and live observations, I’m digging into stories, investigating politicians and breaking hard news in real time. You quickly interact and offer your impressions. Off the air – at my home and office and elsewhere - you offer tips in person and through phone calls, emails and the regularly mailed hand-written letter.

You email me while I’m on the air.

You text.

The other week during the show I received an email that instructed me to call the emailer at my next break for a “huge” story. When we spoke during the news at the top of the hour, he explained the urgency of his message. He was right and I told him to do his best to get a certain political candidate on the air with me as soon as possible.

I emailed another source and put the word out.

The candidate appeared on the show in less than in 15 minutes.

We broke the story and the candidate provided details as to the serious nature of the matter. The next morning he held a press conference outside the Luzerne County courthouse that might have made the difference in his election victory on Primary Election Day.

Now Matt Cartwright is likely headed to Congress in January.

News happens fast around here. The way we communicate happens equally fast. I’m now tweeting during the show. You’re texting. I’m linking stories and videos on my Facebook fan page as well providing material on the WILK News Radio Facebook page. You’re commenting on both pages.

And I’m wondering how we can best use our time together, interacting in ways unheard of until recently.

What do you like most?


Do you go to Facebook to interact with me and others even if you aren’t listening to the show? That seems strange to me but some people say they like to get into comment discussions even when they can’t listen.

Many people listen in the car while driving from here to there. Do not text and drive, by the way. Others listen at work and can’t call or text or tweet. Some listen at work with headphones and text and tweet and comment on company time – also not a good idea.

Still, I need to know how you best communicate with me and others during the time I’m on the air as well as off.

Some Saturday nights I check the pages and add a comment here or there – even on my own time.

That’s the draw of immediacy. That’s speech. In many ways that’s freedom. So let’s be free together.

Over and out.

Scratch that last statement.

That’s so Morse Code, wouldn’t you say?

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