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Promoting and advancing the craft and microbrew culture in northeast Pennsylvania!

Fridays  - 8:35 AM with Bill from

If you like the popular, well-known, mainstream beers, in the end it's about what you like. But the WILK Friday Beer Buzz is about discovering that craft beers might help you attain a whole other level of enjoyment!

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Bus trip?!? We call it a luxury motor coach extravaganza!

Here's the video from our WILK Friday Beer Buzz bus trip to Appalachian Brewing in Harrisburg and Troeg's Brewing in Hershey.

   Thanks to Joe Krugel and Krugel's Georgetown Deli &   Beer in Wilkes-Barre Township for sponsoring the WILK Friday Beer Buzz and for making our first of what we hope will be many Beer Buzz listener trips possible!

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04/23/2012 11:44AM
You call is a bus trip, we call it a luxury motor coach extravaganza!
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04/25/2012 11:38PM
Guaranteed these are the same people who bash the government and taxes, but ride the beer bus while we are all working and paying taxes. The evening guy must have been on the whiskey/bone loss bus? I trust them for my information, entertainment? Remember the wiretap laws related to Wolsifer & check your sources when Woodsie brings you a lead. We know you stay away from Scranton and bash Wyoming Valley because of your connections to Judge Trish Corbett, Local Judge Joanne Corbett and all the Scranton flunkeys like the O Sheas and gene barret at the Scranton Sewer Authority. Dont wake the bears loosers.
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