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Bagging A Buck At Obama's Hunting Camp

Thursday, September 13, 2012

For good citizens in civilized nations, parading enemy corpses is bad form, bad politics and bad karma.

Elsewhere in the ghoulish globe, hanging dead soldiers from bridges, dragging their smoldering remains through the streets and otherwise showing off the kill like trophy bucks at hunting camp is simply another day at war and acceptable savagery for the masses.

We have now become them.

At the recent Democratic National Convention, party leaders made it perfectly clear that rubbing the faces of our enemies into pools of blood like puppies being housebroken and trained to fear their masters has become the main plank of the official party platform.

But the strategy has backfired.

More and more Americans will now likely be forced to walk that plank.

Rest in peace Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Although no hard evidence yet exists to link the ambassador’s killing Tuesday, the eleventh anniversary of the 911 terror attacks in the United States, to Democratic gloating, countless Muslims no doubt felt the deadly insults hurled their way by American leaders who crowed about the hit on Osama Bin Laden.

Democratic speaker after Democratic speaker mocked the late terrorist leader and holy man to many who was engaged in a religious war against the enemies of Islam. Democratic Speaker after Democratic speaker paid tribute to America’s warrior King Obama, the man who brought back the madman’s head.

For all I know Osamas’s head rests in a velvet-lined lock box on a shelf somewhere in the Oval Office. And, as Election Day gets closer and Obama’s campaign worries that victory might be slipping from their reach, the president might hold a press conference, reach into that box and pull out the madman’s head like a rabbit from a top hat.

If so, I expect the same chants that broke out among liberals, progressives and otherwise supposedly civilized people to erupt. “USAUSAUSAUSA,” the crowd will scream as gladiators assemble from sea to shining sea to bow to their snarling leader.

Who next do we “bring to justice?  What next do we hunt down?

How about our national sanity or whatever is left of it.

American honor cannot be bolstered by dishonoring the proud tradition of our own revolution against an occupying army from another land. Instead of firing drones that too often kill innocent civilians in their own nations, creating a new generation of revolutionaries who will fight us to the death, we should stand up to our worst war mongers who bypass morality to get even with people who believe they are getting even with us.

That goes for Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. John Kerry, the failed presidential candidate and founder of Vietnam Veterans Against The War who takes comfort in windsurfing, his wife’s wealth and playing Rambo with other people’s children.

And then we wonder why mobs attacked our embassy in Cairo, Egypt and our consulate in Benghazi, Libya?

“Is Osama Bin Laden better off today than he was four years ago,” Kerry wondered aloud at the convention.

Kerry’s smug ghoulishness made me want to take to the streets.

Osama lived and died as a soldier. Perhaps the same can be said of Ambassador Stevens, a good man by all accounts who wielded diplomacy rather than a rocket-propelled grenade.

Che Guevara once said that men die but ideas don’t. The best and the worst ideas take root in the minds of the young to one day erupt for better or worse. Brains now explode literally because of bad ideas put forth by the political gods of American politics.

Mocking Osama was as bad an idea as it gets. Gloating at his demise will get more people killed. Making fun of his prophet will produce more mayhem.

Glorifying SEAL Team 6 only sets the stage for some insurgent Middle Eastern version of a special operations unit from their side, a team willing to board planes, wear suicide vets or even one day blow the fence outside the White House and storm the Oval Office with a highly trained assault unit armed far better than the box cutter brigade that took down the World Trade Center towers and sent Yankee-hating crowds dancing in the streets throughout the world.

We can boogie, too, says Obama. The Democrats so much dug their leaders during the convention that they played oldies music, leaped from their seats and took to frenzied dancing in the arena aisles.

I got an oldies song by the Temptations that Obama and the Democrats should hear.

“Get Ready.”

Cause here they come.

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