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The Beautiful Bulldog

I'm pretty surprised to find the bulldog muscling it's way into the top 5 breeds of dogs, according to the American Kennel Club.  When we got our bulldog, Prudence, back in the late 70's, I got a lot of flak from my friends.  Prudie was a fully grown, sweet beauty when she arrived in our home.  Of course we thought she was beautiful, but many people didn't.  Sure, they're adorable as little pups, but the jutting jaw, bulging eyes and snoring wasn't attractive to all.  The AKC now says the bulldog has moved to #5, displacing the Yorkie.  


To be honest, I always felt bad for the bulldog.  Our Prudence was in shape, but their barrel chests and small legs really take a toll on their bodies.  It was quite an effort for her to hop up on the couch.  Many a time I'd have to grab her from the butt and pull her up.  Getting down could be as hard as getting up. She'd have an awful time breathing, and could be prone to hip problems.  Then there is hygiene to contend with.  Like Pavlov's bell, wherever I was in the house, if I heard her slurping at the water dish, I'd run to grab a towel to wipe her clean.  If you didn't get there in time, there would be a trail of slobber.  


Prudie was a great dog, but didn't live as long as we had hoped.  A few years later we noticed a large lump on her shoulder. The vet confirmed our worst fear, it was cancer.  We kept her as long as we could, for as long as she was comfortable.  One morning I was home from school and the poor girl was not doing so well.  I called my mom and we made the dreaded trip to end her pain.  The average lifespan for a bulldog is about 6 1/2 years.


10 years ago the bulldog was around #20.  Now they are? a rising breed.  Because they don't require a lot of exercise, they are extremely popular with apartment dwellers, and are the most popular breed in the Big Apple.


Here's the AKC Top 10 list.


  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. German Shepherd
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Beagle
  5. Bulldog
  6. Yorkshire Terrier
  7. Boxer
  8. Poodle
  9. Rottweiler
  10. Dachsund

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