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A potty mouthed New Year's Eve

It’s a New Year! Hope it’s a happy one for you and yours. Did you get a chance to catch the Dick Clark Rockin’ New Year’s Eve broadcast with Ryan Seacrest? What a disappointment. I’m not talking about Dick Clark appearing on the show. It’s fine with me to see him that special night and his speech difficulties don’t bother me at all. What bothers me is not seeing the ball drop at Times Square. When did this happen? I’m not delusional, am I? I remember seeing the countdown and watching the ball go down when it hit midnight. Now, what do we get? A bunch of people playing tongue hockey and a sloppy, sleezy singer with a pig mouth. Ke$ha should stick to only opening her mouth when she sings. Ryan Seacrest asks her for her New Year’s resolution, her response “not to become a douchebag!” Uh…too late for that.
I switched the channel throughout the 11pm hour to catch the CNN broadcast with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. What a waste of time. They talked more about Ryan Seacrest than anything else, and whether or not Kathy will ‘be good’ and not swear. Really, on New Year’s Eve you’re better off watching the Twilight Zone marathon. 
Speaking of trash, my husband collected about 11 bags of garbage from the holiday season. I did about 90% of my shopping online, which means lots and lots of boxes. Throw in the wrapping paper, cards, envelopes, paper plates, frustrating packaging from everything you open, gift boxes, gift tissue wrap, you get the picture. Ho Ho Ho! I no longer save the bows. Yes, I admit I used to do that. I’ve watched too many “Hoarders” shows and as soon as I found myself rationalizing I realized how stupid it sounded. My husband, “Nancy, how much is a bag of bows?”, me “uh, a couple of bucks”. It pained me to part with them, but I did, and now I am making a priority to part with a lot of stuff. No, I’m not a hoarder (they all say that, right?), but I do hereby resolve to lighten the load of things in my closet. I’ve made some good money recently unloading some things on ebay and I’ll continue to do that in the New Year! That’s my resolution. What’s yours?

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