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8-8-11 Time to dump the Tea

It was a depressing weekend, with news of the credit downgrade and the terrible helicopter crash in Afghanistan which killed 31 of our brave heroes. Finger-pointing and blame is being spread all around and what are our esteemed leaders doing? They’re on recess. If this were a natural disaster, they’d all be rushing back, or heading out to those affected to get some tv time. Looks like this problem is a lot more complicated to fix.
 Congress is dysfunctional, and the S&P knows it. I keep thinking the radical elements on the right will get the message, and realize that the country doesn’t want division and a high stakes game of chicken. I have no reason to think that will happen, because many of these Tea Party people are just not reasonable. Poll after poll shows the American people want not just cuts, but cuts mixed with taxes on the wealthiest Americans. The minority Tea Party thinks they can call the shots, and why shouldn’t they? The Republicans let them. 
  We knew that the prolonged debt ceiling crisis could cause our credit worthiness to drop. The Tea Party said ‘so what?’. Like Thelma and Louise they drove us off the cliff, and now many are blaming the President. If they didn’t care what happened, they should now be claiming victory, “Yeh, we did it. It’s what we deserve.” Instead, they say “it’s not our fault, it’s his.” That’s what cowards do…pick a fight, talk tough, then pretend it’s the other guy’s fault in the first place. Hopefully voters will see through this nonsense, at least those who aren’t drinking the tea.

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08/08/2011 12:03PM
8-8-11 Time to dump the Tea
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09/21/2011 12:14PM
Tea Party guilt
Our credit rating was downgraded not because of the prolonged debt ceiling "crisis" but rather because of the amount of debt our nation carries in relation to its GDP. BTW, the "rich" have been paying the "piper", Nancy. Your comments in the latest promo for your morning show are comical because the facts do not support them.
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