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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday


8-26-14 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Stick that hat on your head and get ready for more tinfoil thrills, it's Tinfoil Hat Tuesday! 6:35am and 8:35am on WILK 103.1FM, www.wilknewsradio.com!

Image Peter Petrus

Was it disinformation then or is it disinformation now? The story of the 'real Men in Black', Hollywood, and the Great UFO Coverup is at TheGuardian.com!

Rendering as appears on WorldUFOPhotosAndNews.org

1978, the Mekong River in Vietnam. What did a US soldier see just ten feet away and how did he keep the 'skipper' from shooting at it? It's at WorldUFOPhotosAndNews.org!

Image as posted at MUFON.com

Just putting gas in his wife's car at the Turkey Hill in Forty-Fort, PA when he saw something in the sky. The report can be found at MUFON.com.

Image Keith Sniadach as appears on Earthfiles.com

Did Keith Sniadach's game camera take a picture of...a gnome? Are there gnomes in the forest near Pittsburgh? The complete story with pictures is at Earthfiles.com!

Image Ben Cumming

A clan of Bigfoot at his home? Read the story at BigfootEvidence.blogspot.com.

YouTube video posted by Notavisa Mexicali

What caused a huge crack to appear in the ground in Mexico? The story is at BusinessInsider.my.


Cybermoth! Scientists reveal implant in insect that allows them to control where it flies - and they plan to fit it with sensors and send it into dangerous buildings

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08/25/2014 2:34PM
8-26-14 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday
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