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7-26-13 Flying Fish-Forever Unloved Sandy

Flying Fish – Forever Unloved Sandy
ABV:  6.2%
Style:  Hybrid Wheat Pale Ale
Malt:  50/50 Blend 2-Row & American White Wheat
Hops:  Experimental ADHA 48

Somerdale, NJ
Brewery:  Flying Fish Brewing Co
Founder & President:  Gene Muller

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07/26/2013 7:08AM
7-26-13 Flying Fish-Forever Ungrateful Sandy
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07/26/2013 9:56AM
FU Sandy
Usually the first good reason to buy a beer is because it's a beer that you like. But Flying Fish 'Forever Unloved Sandy' gives you two reasons. It's an interesting pale ale/wheat hybrid-y beer AND proceeds go to help victims of Hurricane Sandy! Our thanks to Flying Fish Brewing Company founder and president Gene Muller for a fun show and a great tasting beer today! (FU Sandy is getting tougher to find in New Jersey, don't know how much luck you'll have in PA but you can try!) Thanks Gene, thanks Bill from MyBeerBuzz.com, and thank YOU for listening! Best, John (webster@wilknewsradio.com)
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