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If you like the popular, well-known, mainstream beers, in the end it's about what you like. But the WILK Friday Beer Buzz is about discovering that craft beers might help you attain a whole other level of enjoyment!

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7-19-13 Blue Mountain Kolsch 151 & Dark Hollow

Blue Mountain Kolsch 151 & Dark Hollow 
ABV:  5% /  10%
IBUs:  18 / 79
Style:  Kolsch /  Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
German Pilsen and Vienna / 
Hops: Hallertau / 

Afton, VA
Brewery:  Blue Mountain Brewery
Size:  15 x 30 bbl – 2500 bbl per year
Brewmaster:  Taylor Smack  

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Topics : Hospitality_Recreation
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Locations : German PilsenVienna
People : Taylor Smack

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07/19/2013 7:17AM
7-19-13 Blue Mountain Kolsch 151 & Dark Hollow
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07/19/2013 9:43AM
Taylor Smack makes good beer!
Co-founder and brewmaster at Blue Mountain Brewery, Taylor Smack is the winner of the 'Best Brewers Name' award on the WILK Friday Beer Buzz for 2013. (Well he would be if we had that award.) He's also the winner of 'The Guy Who Made Two Excellent Beers That We Featured Today' award. Kolsch 151, PERFECT hot weather beer. 5.0 ABV means you can have enough to quench your thirst without waking up with a sunburn four hours later wondering what happened. Now the Dark Hollow, delicious but not something you can get into without a plan. lol Anyway, great beers, great guest, thanks Taylor, thanks Bill from, and as always thanks to you for listening! Best, John (
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