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Shelter in place warning for Monroe Co. until 12:12pm Saturday

The PSP asks all residents of Barrett and Price Townships to shelter in place immediately.  Do not go outdoors,stay away from windows.
Increased police activity as the manhunt for accused killer Eric Matthew Frein continues.

A shelter in place warning for Monroe County will be in place until 12:12pm Saturday.


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6-8 -12 Millbock Brewing Richard Cranium Rye

Millbock Brewing Richard Cranium Rye 
ABV:  6.5% ABV 
Style:  Belgian Style Blonde Rye 
Malt:  Pilsen, Rye & Victory
Hops:  East Kent Goldings

Lingelstown, PA
Brewery:  Millbock Brewing Co
 Brewmasters/Owners:  Alan Miller Albert Debock

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06/08/2012 7:42AM
6-8 -12 Millbock Brewing Richard Cranium Rye
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06/08/2012 9:27AM
Millbock Rocks!
Thanks to Al Miller and Albert Debock for taking the ride up from Linglestown to join us on the WILK Friday Beer Buzz this morning. Loved the Richard Cranium Rye. Loved too the hops in the Blue Bell Pale Ale! Millbock Brewing is just a year old but they're beers say they're going to be around for a long time to come! Try one if you're in the Harrisburg area and hopefully before too long you'll be able to try one right here in NEPA! Thanks also to Bill from MyBeerBuzz.com for making the FBB happen every week! And thanks to you for listening! Best, John (webster@wilknewsradio.com)
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