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If you like the popular, well-known, mainstream beers, in the end it's about what you like. But the WILK Friday Beer Buzz is about discovering that craft beers might help you attain a whole other level of enjoyment!

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6-29-12 Purple Healer LDB IPA & Purple Possum

Beer: Purple Healer LDB IPA & Purple Possum

LDB IPA - : moderate bitterness, generous English hop flavor, and a higher alcohol level
PURPLE POSSUM--A top secret premium fruity, rich, and seasonal for fall creation with a full color, smooth drinkability, and mild hops flavor

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06/29/2012 8:06AM
6-29-12 Purple Healer LDB IPA & Purple Possum
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06/29/2012 10:25AM
Right now you can only get Purple Healer Brewery beers at LaFontana in Bloomsburg. So GO! Great beers (leading off with the LDB IPA) only come from a brewer with passion and enthusiasm. (See: Larry DeGreen) Thank you Larry, thanks to Bill from and thank you for listening! Best, John (
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