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Tears in April

It’s been a terribly sad week, with the Boston Marathon bombing and the horrific explosion at the fertilizer plant in Texas.  One is definitely a terror attack, the other is not believed to be criminal but they are looking at all options.
In the Marathon bombing, there have been numerous ‘stories’ that have not been panned out since the very beginning.  In a world of instant gratification, reporters are quick to break ‘news’ that is later retracted.  The NY Post had 12 people dead within hours of the attack.  CNN broke that an arrest was imminent, and other networks followed suit.   Is it bad reporting, or are there investigative sources that are purposely disseminating false information to advance the probe?

One thing is clear.  The Boston Marathon finish line was probably one of the ‘most photographed’ events going on in the world Monday afternoon.  Between security cameras, television coverage cameras, cellphone cameras and other media photographers, that area was covered in some way every minute of that race.  There have been reports of a number of ‘suspicious’ people in the crowd.  If suspicion means carrying a backpack, the investigators have their work cut out for them.

There is no shortage of online sleuths trying to crack the case themselves.  The New York Post has plastered a photo on their pages and their online site of two people they claim investigators want to talk to. 

I can’t help but keep thinking about that photo of a suspicious looking item near the edge of the curb where many onlookers were gathered near the finish line.  That area was decimated by one of the bombs.  If that package was indeed the bomb, how did NONE of the police and security officials notice that?  Did any of the onlookers find it out of the ordinary or question its existence?  If they did, would they, like Richard Jewel, be suspected of putting it there?
So many questions, hopefully we’ll get answers and justice will be done.  I’m okay with investigators taking their time and making sure they get the right person or persons responsible. Let this be a wakeup call that we should maintain our vigilance and not be hesitant to speak up if something doesn't look right.

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04/18/2013 11:50AM
Tears in April
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