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Shelter in place warning for Monroe Co. until 8:06am Saturday

The PSP asks all residents of Barrett and Price Townships to shelter in place immediately.  Do not go outdoors,stay away from windows.
Increased police activity as the manhunt for accused killer Eric Matthew Frein continues.

A shelter in place warning for Monroe County will be in place until 8:06am Saturday.


Nancy's Notes

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6-20-13 Random thoughts on various issues

Angelina Jolie recently disclosed that she is a BRCA -1 carrier… a breast cancer gene that dramatically increases your odds of getting breast and or ovarian cancer.  These cancers usually hit at a much younger age, and with a lot of aggression.  I’m also a BRCA carrier.  It’s important for you to know the facts.  If you have a history of Breast or Ovarian cancer in either your mother or father’s family- you may want to be tested.  Talk to your doctor about your risk.  Most breast cancers are not due to genetics, only 5-10 percent are.  So always get your yearly mammogram.
 The AMA has now classified obesity as a disease.  They are hoping that more doctors will take the time to diagnose and treat patients.  Some primary care providers have been hesitant to point out weight issues.  Recent studies have shown that overweight patients don’t see themselves or their kids as heavy as they really are.  Will a Dr. telling you you need to lose weight wake you up to the issue, or as one physician told us- do obese patients not want to hear about or do anything about their weight problem?  We’ll have to wait and see if this new classification helps us get healthier.
Recently on the Morning News we talked about a poll that shows most people are checking out on the job, or hate their work so much they are undermining it.  It’s sad to hear that only 30 percent are actively engaged and enthusiastic.  Are lazy and miserable employees always lazy and miserable..or are some people working in low skill low wage jobs because they have to, and it’s making them this way. I  say that most unhappy people are simply unhappy no matter what. The more miserable you act, the more miserable you are…so put on a smile and see if that leads to a better position at work, or someplace else.

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