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5-2-14 Beer Buzz Homebrewers Contest Winners

Homebrew contest winners

Beer Guest:  Chuck Yarmey, Matt McDonough & Steve Nagley (In Studio)
- Wyoming Valley Homebrewers
Brewer: Matt McDonough  Beer:  Blood Red Saison  Designer:  Jim Legg
Brewed:  Dan Schreffler  Beer: Peach Mango Grapefruit IPA  Designer:  Anonymous
Brewed:  Steve Nagley  Beer Almond Joy Stout Designer:  John & Holly from BeerBuzz Bus II


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Locations : Wyoming
People : Chuck YarmeyDan SchrefflerJim Legg BrewedMatt McDonoughSteve Nagley

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05/02/2014 8:09AM
5-2-14 Beer Buzz Homebrewers Contest Winners
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05/02/2014 10:11AM
Hats off...
Congratulations to our WILK Friday Beer Buzz 'Home Brew Contest' winners who suggested the concept and nature of the beers that ultimately were brewed. And congratulations also in order to the Wyoming Valley Homebrewers Club and especially Matt McDonough, Dan Schreffler, Steve Nagley, and Chuck Yarmey who brewed the beers. They were really good! Talented brewers, all! Thanks too, to Bill from MyBeerBuzz.com and thanks to you for listening every week! Best, John (webster@wilknewsradio.com)
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