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5-10-13 Weyerbacher Brewers Select Andromeda

Weyerbacher Brewers Select Andromeda
ABV:  4.7%
IBUs:  27
Style:  Amber Ale
Malt:  LOTS!
Hops:  Hallertau

Easton, PA
Brewery:  Weyerbacher
Brewmaster:  Chris Wilson (Head Brewer)
Celebrate our 3 year Anniversary at Krugel's Friday May 10 from 5-7pm
Chris Wilson will be there!


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05/09/2013 9:57PM
5-10-13 Weyerbacher Brewers Select Andromeda
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05/10/2013 9:49AM
Space, the final frontier...
Weyerbacher head brewer Chris Wilson will be naming his Brewers Reserve series after the constellations. There are, I think, 88 of 'em? So plenty lies ahead and he's off to a great start with Andromeda. Roasty, malty, and flavorful the kind of which you might except to dwell higher up in the ABV realm but at 4.7%, Andromeda is a perfect combination! Thanks Chris and thanks to Weyerbacher's Bobby Clark for joining us on the WILK Friday Beer Buzz! Thanks too, to Bill from, and of course thanks to you for listening! Best, John (
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