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3-14-14 Laughing Dog Brewing 'Anubis'

Laughing Dog Brewing Anubis
ABV: 8%
IBUs: 33.6
Style: Imperial Coffee Porter

Sand Point / Ponderay ID
Brewery: Laughing Dog Brewing
Size: 15bbl


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03/14/2014 10:09AM
3-14-14 Laughing Dog Brewing
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03/14/2014 5:24PM
Even the dog laughed!
Our thanks to Fred Colby of Laughing Dog Brewing who told us that his wife thought he was crazy when he said he wanted to start a brewery. I don't know if his dog really laughed but regardless, it all worked out in the end. Anubis is a delicious beer but like other beers with coffee I have this thought that it wouldn't be hard to work this into my daily breakfast routine! lol Thanks Fred, thanks Bill from, thank you also to Lindo Sabatini who had Fred's phone number and most of all and as always, thanks to you for listening! Best, John (
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