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2-3-12 Komen needs to do the right thing

 As a breast cancer survivor and fervent Komen supporter, I am extremely saddened by their recent decision to cut funding for breast cancer screening services at Planned Parenthood.  There are a lot of people angry, but I can say that I am bitterly disappointed and sad.  Sad because no matter where you stand on abortions, cutting the screening money to Planned Parenthood will not cut the numbers of abortions.  It will only leave more low income women with one less way to get a breast exam.  It will surely lead to more breast cancer.

You may not realize that one out of five women in the U.S. have been served at some point by Planned Parenthood.  Only 3% of the monies they spend are on abortion.  There are women who go to Planned Parenthood who are pro-life, but don’t have the money and cannot afford cancer screenings.  Planned Parenthood offers  a sliding scale payment system depending on your income.  Those who are most vulnerable are the ones being affected by this decision.

I have been an avid supporter of all things Komen.  I’ve participated in the yearly race in Scranton and the Pink Elegance Fashion Show at the Radisson.  Now I find myself in a quandry.  Do I continue to support Komen and the good work they do elsewhere, or do I move my support to another avenue?  I don’t want to make a knee-jerk reaction, which it looks like Komen has done.   One only needs to see their shifting reasoning to know what really happened here.  If you have to change your story, then your story was weak to begin with. 

Komen has every right to give money wherever they want.  Because they depend on donations, those who support them have the right to demand honesty in return.  Komen has earned so must trust over the years and now that trust has been shattered.  Tell us you don’t want to support Planned Parenthood because of all the flak you’re getting from the pro life folks, but don’t make something up because you don’t have the courage to be honest .
I hope Komen does what is right.  They need to go back to their mission.  It’s not about politics, it’s about saving lives.  If they reverse this recent decision, they may still be able to salvage what trust is left. 

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02/03/2012 11:25AM
2-3-12 Komen needs to do the right thing
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02/04/2012 6:47AM
It's about saving lives? Really, Nancy?
Breast services and baby extermination services all under one roof. Oh Dr.Nancy, you must be so thrilled.
02/04/2012 1:49PM
link between killing your baby and breast cancer
look it up, Dr. Nancy. Or doesn't that fit the agenda ?
02/05/2012 3:10PM
the Lef't's holy sacrament: abort ion
how sad. how sick.
02/06/2012 5:34PM
planned parenthood is the leader in baby killing services
how proud you must be, Nancy. I wonder what your grandmother would think of your views?
02/07/2012 8:58PM
Nancy is so far gone....will she ever wake up?
I wonder if Nancy will be sitting on her couch on election night crying (and chanting " yes we can") (like in 2008) but this time she'll be crying because the Obama farce will have been soundly defeated. Maybe, just maybe, know it all Nancy will begin to wake up. Until then, Nancy, go have another cigarette and beer and then preach to us about cancer. Like, duhhhhh.
02/28/2012 4:46PM
Stop hiding behind the cloak of anonymity your computer offers you.
Boy, you people sound like real jerks. Instead of attacking Nancy's message, you try to assassinate her character. If you have a legitimate argument, state your claim, but don't hide behind a computer and attack someone personally. That's why I get so disgusted about this area. It's funny, I doubt you would ever say this nasty stuff to Nancy over the air, because your identity might be discovered. Get a life.
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