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12-10-10 Stegmaier Winter Warmer

Stegmaier Winter Warmer
ABV:  8.2%
Style:  Winter Warmer
Malt:  Carmel Pale and specialty
Wilkes-Barre, PA
Brewery:  Lion Brewery
Size:  45,000 gallon .
Brewmaster:  Leo Orlandini


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Locations : PennsylvaniaWilkes-barre
People : Carmel PaleLeo Orlandini

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12/10/2010 7:46AM
12-10-10 Stegmaier Winter Warmer
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12/10/2010 9:31AM
Stegmaier Winter Warmer from Lion is a great tasting beer. The thing about Lion is they consistently make excellent beers but there are still some folks out there who think of them in the "old school/old guy's beer" way. Mistake! Forgetwhat you "know" or what you think you know about Lion beers. They're great beers at phenomenal prices! Get some, you'll thank me! And I thank you Bill for another great beer, guest, and show! John (
12/10/2010 3:33PM
Nice save on the video guys. It came out great. Another great beer to enjoy for the holidays....Thanks to Mike SImmons from Lion for joining us.
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