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10-29-10 Bavarian Barbarian/Bullfrog "Gothika"

Bavarian Barbarian Brewing / Bullfrog Brewery  Gothika
ABV:  9.2% ABV  **6.66 degrees plato final gravity
IBUs: ? 
Style:  black lager, or schwarzbier/dopplebock
Malt: smoked

Williamsport, PA
Brewmasters: Mike Hiller & Terry Hawbaker
Seasonal Draft Only @ Bavarian Barbarian & Bullfrog Brewery with limited kegs in Philly region.
Aged for 3 months in bourbon barrels from Kentucky’s Buffalo Trace Distillery

“Two tragic brewers brew an experimental beer using an ancient, mysterious recipe. After the beer is brewed, horrible things begin to happen and the brewers discover that the recipe was a medieval witches’ brew intended for the Devil himself. Soon the brewers and all those around them become criminally insane Satan worshippers consumed by bloodlust and human sacrifice to their Dark Master.


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10/29/2010 7:51AM
11-29-10 Bavarian Barbarian/Bullfrog "Gothika"
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10/29/2010 9:28AM
The sooner visitors here read this, the better chance they'll have to get to Krugel's Georgetown Deli & Beer and try Gothika. Go there now. Tell your boss you're sick and get out early. Do it. You'll thank me. And thanks to Mike, Terry, Karel and Bill from MyBeerBuzz.com...as always! John webster@wilknewsradio.com
10/29/2010 12:23PM
Karel needs a show!!!!!
She is the go to girl, the girl that can make it happen, the girl with a personality, the girl with charm, wit, and intelligence. She needs a show and people will listen.
10/29/2010 1:12PM
GREAT VIDEO NANCY...fun show..great guests and great beer!
11/05/2010 5:11PM
Halloween Beer Buzz
Nancy. I love the picture of you dressed up for Halloween on your facebook page. What happened to your blonde wig? I think that looks better on you than the dark hair wig.
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