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2-7-14 Snitz Creek Brewing Opening Day IPA & Apple-Weiss Wheat

Snitz Creek Brewing Opening Day IPA, Apple-Weiss Wheat & Brown Trout Stout
ABV:  6% / 4.8%/ 4.6% ABV
IBUs:  98 / 19 / 25
Style: West-Coast IPA / Wheat Ale / Irish Stout
Hops: CITRA /


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02/07/2014 7:57AM
2-7-14 Snitz Creek Brewing Opening Day IPA & Apple-Weiss Wheat
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02/07/2014 10:40AM
...without a paddle!
Couldn't resist the Snitz Creek wisecracks and thanks to Patrick Freer for embracing the jokes he's probably heard more than once! Thanks TOO to Patrick for making some excellent beers. Love IPAs, like weiss beers so the Opening Day IPA was an easy call but I really liked the Apple-Weiss Wheat too! Gotta get to Snitz Creek Brewing in Lebanon ASAP! Thanks also to Bill from and of course thanks to you for listening! Best, John (
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