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1-11-13 Samuel Smith Organic Cherry & Apricot Fruit Beer

Samuel Smith Organic Cherry & Apricot Fruit Beer
ABV:  5.1% AV
Style:  Fruit Ale
Malt:  Organic Barley & Wheat
Ale: Fruit Juice Added

Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, UK
All Saints Stamford, UK

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01/11/2013 7:27AM
1-11-13 Samuel Smith Organic Cherry & Apricot Fruit Beer
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01/11/2013 9:16AM
I think it was Gomer Pyle who once said...
Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Generally speaking I wouldn't find myself reaching for anything labeled organic OR fruit so I was a tad skeptical when Bill from revealed the Samuel Smith Organic Fruit Beers. But I will say I was pleasantly surprised. I liked the apricot for it's additional tartness over the cherry but both were tasty beers that one can readily enjoy if you can get past, as I have, the 'fear' of fruit when it comes to beer. Thanks Bill and thanks to you for listening! Best, John (
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