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"Do You Still Drink?" I Asked The Candidate

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Daddy Kane and Mommy Kane worked very hard over the years to raise Baby Kane. As a result, Baby Kane – also known as Jared Martin Kane – raised quite a bit of Caine of his own.

Back in 2010 Baby Kane told police he had been drinking, “was driving and hit a few things,” according to a press account of his night out. Then Wilkes-Barre councilwoman Mommy Kane and magisterial district judge Daddy Kane could at least tell friends that boozy Baby Kane was honest.

That kind of loopy open book mentality shapes Baby Kane’s current bid to replace Daddy Kane when he retires.

A meat cutter by trade at a Wilkes-Barre supermarket, Baby Kane can campaign on a platform of cutting the pork from the political wheeling and dealing that sometimes shapes a slick magistrate’s career.

And, a considerable amount of hard work and hard liquor goes into scoring 0.267 on your blood alcohol content test. That’s impressive, even for Wilkes-Barre, where district judges often work overtime handling drunken driving cases.

If elected, Baby Kane, 33, will bring real experience to the bench. Police charged Baby Kane with not one but two counts of driving under the influence because he struck two legally parked cars.

The cars were parked a block apart!

And that takes practice!

Baby Kane says he made a mistake and has grown.

“Do you still drink? I asked when we spoke briefly by phone Tuesday.

“No,” he said.

“Not at all?” I asked.

“Not like I used to,” he said.

I explained that he had just given me two entirely different answers to the same question.

Baby Kane admitted his deception.

“Yea,” he said. “I jumped the gun on that one.”

Like I said, if nothing else, Baby Kane is honest.

But getting elected might not be as easy as former sheet metal worker judge Daddy Kane and current city controller Mommy Kane Baby Kane might think.

Critics accuse the Kane campaign brain trust of being deceptive. Baby Kane’s first name does not even appear on his campaign yard signs. All the signs say is “Kane for Magisterial District Judge.”

His Facebook page also just says “elect Kane Magisterial District Judge.”

Because no mention of Baby Kane’s first name appears anywhere in the literature, some people in Wilkes-Barre might think that Daddy Kane is up for re-election, as he has been regularly for almost three decades. They’ll think they’re voting for the same old hustler judge rather than voting for his new hustler judge son.

So why no first name, Jared?

Baby Kane provided some convoluted explanation about first names not being clearly visible on campaign signs and then in almost the same breath said he’s got new signs ordered that will include his first name.

He also said he passed his magistrate certification test with flying colors – considerable progress from when he spent four years at Kutztown University from  2000 to 2004 when he finished six credits short of graduation.

Baby Kane said he’s still thinking about going back to college.

And he denied, contrary to published reports, ever having worked for legendary Luzerne County gangster judge Michael Conahan when he “finished” college. He said he worked in the jury room and that his name mistakenly got included in an anonymous letter that went to the Judicial
Conduct Board before Conahan got indicted, pleaded guilty and headed to prison for 17 ½ years for his part in selling kids for cash.

Baby Kane says all he has to do now is win.

And he might do just that.

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