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It's All Relative

     Saw a picture of a hipster in a local weekend newspaper. Short hair, retro glasses, shirt buttoned up to the neck but manly stubble. I could smell the PBR.

     I'm not so old that I don't recall what it was like to be 22.

     I remember knowing I was indestructible.

     And even being on the far-reaching, almost invisible fringes of cool at the time, still I knew I was light-years ahead of not only my parents but in fact everyone not within five years of my age at the moment.

     And I never gave a thought to myself thirty years down the road.

     So, with that said, here are some tips for a demographic highly unlikely to ever wander past this blog.

     The measure of your 'cool' is, by it's nature, not something you can assess. Cool is only visible to others and to truly achieve it you have to be unaware that you have done so.

     You're not indestructible. Youth may give you 'hearty' but without hard work, hearty doesn't last. And frankly you lose interest in the illusion.

     And thirty years from now gets here. Make plans.

     Speaking of thirty years from now, that's when you'll shake your head and hide the picture you took of yourself today.
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While I'm thinking about it...

     In Scranton, the parking meter rate will soon go up to $1.50 per hour. Much of New York City has parking meter rates that are lower. Good luck with that revenue building, bring-the-folks-downtown plan.

     In her post-concussion days it seems Hillary Clinton is sporting new eyeglasses and some medical experts say it's because she suffers lingering effects from her knock on the noggin. Evidently close-up pictures of Hillary reveal her glasses are outfitted with something called a 'Fresnel lens'. I know, I had to look it up too. It's pronounced 'freh-NEL' and it's something eye health professionals prescribe for patients who are suffering from double vision. Guess she took a pretty good shot when she fell. I'm sure that besides the double vision, there's nothing else we need to know.

     Despite the dire Sunday night predictions, there was no snow or ice on the ground when most of the schools in northeast PA had called off by 5:30 this morning. Better safe than sorry? It's about the kids? I wish I believed it was about the kids but I believe it's more about superintendents worrying about how hot the phone lines to Metzger and Wickersham would get with the first school bus to do a 3mph slide into a stop sign at an intersection that got short-changed on road brine.

     Lackwanna County commissioners Jim Wansacz and Corey O'Brien are throwing a cocktail party nexy month and you're invited! That is, you're invited if you have $500 per person to plunk down for your ticket. And the little boy said, 'Dad, what's the difference between Democrats and Republicans?' to which his dad replied, 'Son, the Republicans are for the rich people and the Democrats are for us.'

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Old White Guys

     Despite both claiming responsibility AND blaming someone else for the four Americans killed in Benghazi in the consulate attack back on September 11th of last year, Hillary Clinton remains the darling of the left and is widely seen as a contender for President in 2016.

     Who knows why? Anyone? Bueller?

     I think a big part of the reason is that she's one of the members of a pool of contenders whose main criteria is 'not an old white guy.
     Not being an old white guy after all (plus the irrational hatred many on the left still bear for George Bush) is largely how Barack Obama was swept into office, no?  Barack Obama, the man whose future vice-President once said about him "...the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean...". The man who former President Bill Clinton allegedly remarked, "A few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee."

     So the mantra seems to be 'Anybody but an old white guy' and often times that comes from the left's old or soon-to-be-considered-old white guys. How does that work? Is their guilt over their whiteness that deep?

     Is Hillary going to end up the Democratic nominee for 2016?
     Forget Joe Biden. Oh sure we get a big kick out of him as VP but A) he's kinda goofy and B) he's an old white guy.

     So, Hillary?

     Lots of calendar between now and 2016. Any other 'non-old white guy' could emerge depending on circumstances, the economy, and backroom machinations that might give her a run for her money.

     And with the shake-my-head direction our culture seems to be headed I don't think it's even safe to elminate from contention inanimate objects.
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So far...

     The inauguration of the President happened this week. Here's what I took away from it:

1) The President of the United States doesn't realize (or care) how impolite and ill-mannered it looks for a President of the United States to chew gum on television.

2) George Stephanopolous' inauguration coverage included these words: "And there's Morgan Freeman!" It was Bill Russell.

3) Beyonce lip-synced the National Anthem.

4) Michelle Obama, in that now-viral eye-roll video with John Boehner that occurred following the public inauguration ceremony looked like she was really enjoying lunch.

5) And I got the feeling from the President's inaugural address that he is one step closer to just doing his Obama imitation when he delivers speeches. Just not feeling it. Seems put out to have to put on the show for us.

     If you're an Obama supporter I'm sure you won't be crazy about those observations. Nothing personal.

     In other news, our daily TV shot on FOX 56 is over. It was fun in a kind of 'if we have to' way.

     As far as I know the parting was on good terms. That said, I'm glad we don't have to pay attention to cameras any longer. The TV thing was a distraction to the radio show and frankly, it looked like a closed circuit broadcast from the '80's, didn't it? I occasionally wondered what someone passing through 'nort deest Pee Yay' and spending a night in a hotel thought about what they were looking at when they turned on the TV in the morning and saw that local television offering.
     Anyway, if you watched, thanks. You can still listen!
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