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Posts from November 2013

CorbettCam Walks Among Us
Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Where there’s smoke there’s CorbettCam.
CorbettCam breathes and smolders and ignites and offers a heated respite from the same cold leftover television news features and alleged commentary that plagues our news at 11.
Television news gets dull and duller. So do the anchors, walking, talking personality disorders who are overpaid and way too impressed with themselves.
CorbettCam takes it to the streets.
News coverage is changing, of course. Online video is all the rage but when it comes to real rage, how many cute kitty cat tales can you swallow before your Youtube clogs and you take a choking fit on 21st Century technology? How much inane babble from young people so hip that it hurts can we take? 
Hipsters are posers are inauthentic are doomed. College loan debt has turned them inward. Generation Device is one big dysfunctional app. Listening to them is enough to send anybody off the edge.  So, for you young people (20 to 35) too hip for your own good and older people so dull, competitive and ego-driven that their hair must hurt, I bring you CorbettCam – alive and strong and breathing fire from the mountain.
The new feature on WILK TV, accessed by going to wilknewsradio.com, brings you a very real look at the scene of the crime and the grime, a reality-based commentary with satire and action shots, interviews and, of course, my personal brand of commentary that is unlike anything you have ever seen.
That’s why I’m Corbett, painful as my identity can sometimes be. But I’ve worked all my life to become what I am today, for better or for worse. For 62 years I’ve cultivated and reshaped myself so I can deliver local news, commentary and analysis of our community in ways that sometimes even surprises me.
For most of the decades of my journalism career I’ve relied and depended on the written word.
In this new medium, I am spoken word – a cross between a poet and a pirate, a media messiah with a message the powerful often don’t like to hear. Holy CorbettCam, do I like that characterization. Come to me little degenerate corrupt politicians.
Political commentary is, in fact, sacred.
My mission is a crusade.
And you’re part of the drama.
The first CorbettCam adventure, with intrepid videographer to the stars Karel Zubris and Hulk Hogan look-a-like producer/bodyguard Crockett, captured our journey to find the next Scranton mayor.
The race was coal country nasty, pitting Jim “Kiss Me I’m A Deadbeat” Mulligan” against black belt karate “Grand Master” Bill Courtright who absolutely refused to divulge the deep West Side secret teaching that resulted in his alleged 8th degree martial arts  ranking.
The video is an award-winner and will be entered in this year’s Canned Film Festival in South Side.
Last week’s video took us to the dark side of the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport where landing passenger jets has become a possible “lights out” operation that one day could result in a crash and burn that kills everybody on board because the bad weather landing lights have been out and have not been replaced for at least nine months.
The Federal Aviation Administration, by the way, failed to get back to me o that one.
As financially unstable as Northeastern Pennsylvania has become, the FAA could at least send body bags.
Next week, we’re headed to the sewer for a national Boycott Yuengling beer protest. Or maybe to a homicide scene in Wilkes-Bare – we have 13 so far this year so take your pick. Maybe we’ll visit my fragile Democratic congressman Matt Cartwright to ask why he won’t talk to me anymore after I was his biggest media supporter during the campaign when even powerful Democrats like U.S. Sen. Bobby Casey rooted against him. Or maybe we’ll hunt down federal convict Bob Mellow as he relaxes at the halfway house on our dime.
With CorbettCam, anything is possible.
But I need your help. Let me know where you’d like to send CorbettCam next. If I take your suggestion, I’ll give you a free CorbettCam “You better Listen” t-shirt and you can come to the Canned Film Festival in South Side.
OK, so the festival is still in the planning stages. How about a canned ham? Or canned Spam? Or better yet, canned yams?
So far we’ve got two CorbettCam episodes under our belts. I foresee so many successful future adventures that we’ll be able to run them around the clock on a CorbettCam channel.
Even young people, tweeters as I call them, will one day accept the truth that CorbettCam shall set them free.

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Bob Mellow's Back In Town
Thursday, November 07, 2013
Watch him.
I mean it.
You really better watch him.
As of Tuesday, Election Day of all days, Bob Mellow is on the loose.
Even living in the federally- supervised Scranton half-way house he checked into this week, the admitted federal gangster and degenerate convict poses enough of a public threat to assign a squad of undercover marshals to watch the facility’s doors and windows day and night.
The decision to release the Democratic warlord and former powerful state senator to a facility in the heart of his one-time political kingdom is reckless, foolish and loaded with potential for abuse and, yes, corruption. Mellow once ruled these same streets, reaching his toxic tentacles from the political sewers and gutters of our lives and through the windows and doors and air vents of every city, county and state office building in Scranton.
Now Bob Mellow’s back in town, flashing his feeble pearly whites. Sick as his lawyers claim he is, Mellow’s ready to sink his teeth into everybody and anybody who helped put him in prison or failed to write an letter to the judge when he was ready for departure.
Mellow is still dangerous.
So are his politically-connected lawyers.
Make no mistake about it, even if you see Mellow sweeping floors at St. Peter’s Cathedral up the street from the half-way house, Mellow wants vengeance - no matter what the Lord says.
Only one big obstacle exists. Mellow faces state public corruption charges and is scheduled for trial next year. If convicted, Mellow, 70, could spend the rest of his miserable life behind bars. We’re talking state prison, too, not the soft land of minimum security white collar bottom-feeders with whom Mellow spent his leisure tine in Georgia. We’re talking Philly stick-up men, biker enforcers and psycho rapists – even the occasional demented one-time Harrisburg silk tie wearer.
Mellow actually knows a couple of current cons inside because at least two one-time big-time Democrats from Mellow’s gang of fools are serving time carving ballots out of bars of soap for their own vicious assaults against the public trust.
But who cares about them?
Our Bobby’s home and that’s all that matters.
I wonder what Scranton-native and state Attorney General Kathleen Kane thinks about Mellow’s new mailing address? If you remember, Kane once challenged Mellow for his seat in the Senate. But she quickly crawled on bended knee with a tear in her eye to beg forgiveness for ever thinking about humiliating him with such a threat to his power. I wrote a column about Kane’s secret meeting with Mellow last June. Then I sent the column to the Capitol press corps after sounding the alarm that Kane’s behind-closed-doors meeting with the man whose prosecuting she now leads could derail the case long as Mellow knows what she and he discussed and her own prosecutors don’t. One reporter responded to my emails but nobody wrote about the story.
Kane’s husband’s family still holds the multi-million dollar state liquor contract that they worried Mellow might torpedo if Kane continued with her race to unseat Mellow in the Senate. But Kane got scared and quit. And the champagne bubbles exploded from Scranton to Harrisburg and back again for the politically-connected Kane family.
Even Kane’s PR flack, Joe Peters, a former federal prosecutor and self-proclaimed Mafia buster refused to respond to my concerns. That’s because he’s now part of the problem rather than part of the solution. More people in Scranton are part of the problem than part of the solution that there are made men in the Mafia.
In the absence of attention elsewhere, I’m planning to send my Kane/Mellow column to the judge in the Kane/Mellow case. Rich Lewis knows me from my days raising hell with weekly newspapers in Harrisburg. He was a crack district attorney in Dauphin County so maybe he’ll pay attention.
Somebody better.
In the meantime, Mellow is housed in the same building in downtown Scranton that housed former reputed Mafia boss Billy D’Elia, who, after becoming a rat, took a job as an Exeter ice cream scooper when he was released into half-way house custody – or custardy, if you like.
So what kind of job will Mellow take to help pay his debt to society while he lounges at our expense in the Scranton federal frat house? The cathedral sweeper gig sounds lovely. Maybe he can answer phones in the office of his former understudy and now state Sen. John Blake. Maybe Mellow can serve as a political consultant to Scranton mayor-elect Bill Courtright, who says he’s already met with Blake.
In Scranton, where anything can happen and usually does, anything is possible.
By the way, who do I see about getting tickets for the welcome home clambake?

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