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5-31-12 Fast Food Hell
 Today we talked about a guy who got so angry at his local Taco Bell for screwing up his order that he drove right into the place.  How stupid is that?  I can certainly understand the frustration when something is forgotten though.  Just a few weeks ago we arrived near Seneca Falls New York for my son’s basketball tournament.  After almost 3 hours in the truck, we checked into the hotel and I was immediately dispatched for fast food.  We were short on time so any nutritional plan was out the window. 
My first mistake was not immediately checking the bags.  There were people behind me, and managing four sodas and a bunch of bags was enough to deal with.  Imagine my surprise when I got back to the room and discovered that the double burgers were missing.  Undaunted and pressed by the hungry, desperate looks of my family, I hightailed it back to the BK.  I showed them the receipt and announced that I had to return for my missing meal.  The guy at the register could not have cared less.  In fact, he did not say one word to me.  He grabbed the receipt, turned to another employee and whispered something.  He handed me back a bag without an apology or to wish me a good day. 
Back in the room my son opens his sandwich and announces it was a single burger…not a double burger.  At this point, I was too mad and tired to care.  I felt that if I went back all indignant they would win, I would have spent more on gas than on the food I was missing.  How can people be so uncommunicative and so bad at their jobs, especially in such a tough job market?  I realize that we all deal with stress, but if you are the gatekeeper or face of a company, you owe it to your employer to be nice and do your best.  I wonder how many business owners keep an eye on this stuff.  It can really hurt a place.   

I wish I had gone back and tried to find a manager.  I hate to be a jerk but I’d be doing them a favor by pointing out my bad experience.  Would you go back and tell someone?

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