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Buddy Rumchik

Posts from March 2014

3-17-14 Am I Lyin'?
Buddy Rumchik looks back at the past weeks events that had him hiding Between Two Ferns including president Obama's appearance on the Funny or Die website to push, a former Moosic councilman's request from jail, and gas rising gas prices.

Is he Lyin'?  Find out HERE!

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3-10-14 Am I Lyin'?
Buddy looks back at events from last wek including Ellen Degeneres taking a selfie at the Oscars and a possible controversy with Bradley Cooper over who owns the photo, Michelle Obama heading to China to talk education, John Kerry advising Ukraine on finance, and the kid who planned on a snow day - didn't do his homework- so he called in a bomb threat!

Is he Lyin'? CLICK HERE!
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Buddy looks back at the past weeks events that made hit brain boil including: Pierce Morgan being cut from CNN, a reality show for ex-police chief Mark Kessler, a second chance lottery scam, and the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs' new bacon hat!  

What is he lyin'?  Click HERE!
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