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PSP- We're getting closer to Frein, search area narrowing

The Pa. State Police are acting on numerous tips and intensifying their search of the northern Monroe Co/Pike Co area looking for suspected killer Eric Frein.  Gov. Tom Corbett announced that progress is being made, and Lt. Col. George Bivens of the PSP says hundreds are now in the search and they are 'close to him'.  Listen to WILK for more on this breaking news.

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Posts from April 2014

Karel On The Street: Farewell To Bud Brown
Our friend and colleague, Bud Brown, retires after over 40 years in radio.
Karel hit the street (and hallways of various media outlets) to give those
he leaves behind a chance to say goodbye and a few things that might surprise you.

Farewell To Bud Brown 1

Farewell To Bud Brown 2

Farewell To Bud Brown 3

Farewell To Bud Brown 4

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4-18-14 Karel on the Street Easter Edition!
Karel hit the street to talk to her PEEPS about Easter!

4-18-14 Karel on the Street Easter Edition 1

4-18-14 Karel on the Street Easter Edition 2 
4-18-14 Karel on the Street Easter Edition 3
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Karel hit the streams of NEPA this week to find out more about the first day of trout - Don Jacobs of Pennsylvania Outdoor also gave some fishing tips!

Fishing 1

Fishing 2

Fishing 3
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4-2-14 Karel on the Street Baseball Edition
Baseball season is in full swing! Hear what folks have to say about our beloved national pastime below!

Baseball 1
Baseball 2
Baseball 3

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