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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Posts from August 2014

8-26-14 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Stick that hat on your head and get ready for more tinfoil thrills, it's Tinfoil Hat Tuesday! 6:35am and 8:35am on WILK 103.1FM,!

Image Peter Petrus

Was it disinformation then or is it disinformation now? The story of the 'real Men in Black', Hollywood, and the Great UFO Coverup is at!

Rendering as appears on

1978, the Mekong River in Vietnam. What did a US soldier see just ten feet away and how did he keep the 'skipper' from shooting at it? It's at!

Image as posted at

Just putting gas in his wife's car at the Turkey Hill in Forty-Fort, PA when he saw something in the sky. The report can be found at

Image Keith Sniadach as appears on

Did Keith Sniadach's game camera take a picture of...a gnome? Are there gnomes in the forest near Pittsburgh? The complete story with pictures is at!

Image Ben Cumming

A clan of Bigfoot at his home? Read the story at

YouTube video posted by Notavisa Mexicali

What caused a huge crack to appear in the ground in Mexico? The story is at


Cybermoth! Scientists reveal implant in insect that allows them to control where it flies - and they plan to fit it with sensors and send it into dangerous buildings

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8-19-14 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

The truth is out there. Or in here. Or on the radio every Tuesday, Tinfoil Hat stuff at 6:35am and 8:35am!

Image The Daily Galaxy

If one day we discover life elsewhere in the universe, do we have a plan on what comes next? We will soon. Read about it at

Image R. Nials Bradshaw

Is this a recording of Bigfoot? Click the link and hear for yourself at!

Image DragonRal

Reports of triangular-shaped and silent UFOs occur with some frequency. Are they extraterrestrial or are they government aircraft that are still being kept under wraps? Read this report at


Indiana, Pennsylvania. The year of our bicentennial, mom awoke in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, looked out the window and saw a UFO on the ground and humanoid figures outside it. Read the rest at

Image Ahmad Bakri

Is money belonging to some passengers that were aboard the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 being withdrawn from their accounts? The story is at International Business Times.


Did the US use a neutron bomb to take Baghdad airport in 2003? The story is at

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8-12-14 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Every Tuesday, 6:35am and 8:35am, it's weird stuff. It's Tinfoil Hat Tuesday on WILK 103.1FM,!

YouTube video posted by Styxhexenhammer666

Did the Supermoon cause seismic shifting to create sounds? Is it tectonic forces? Is it the apocalpypse trumpet? Click the video and this link to the story on

Image: Rendering as posted on

Natural phenomenon? Kids with a toy drone? Or a classic sci-fi-looking UFO in Connecticut? Read about it at

Image: Rendering as posted on

Twelve of them, in formation. Low and slow and silent. The police said they had another report but nothing more. The witness called the Air Force. The Air Force said he should call the FAA. The FAA said he should call MUFON. He did and the account is posted on

YouTube video posted by LegendsBeware

The footage never seems to be clear or steady. This video is better than most. Is this for real? Is this Bigfoot? Click the video and read the story at

Image posted on

Dancing lights in the sky, giant birds, dead livestock, footprints in the front door and out the back, and a man in a white suit. Then it all disappeared. Read about it at

Image by Beckie

Nevada, 1994. A couple driving in the rain saw flashing lights at the side of the road, they thought they'd come upon an accident. It wasn't an accident. Read about it at
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8-5-14 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Listen for Tinfoil Hat Tuesday, each week at 6:35am and 8:35am on WILK 103.1FM,!

YouTube video Fabiano Rebeque

Is time travel possible? Michio Kaku says there's no law against it!

YouTube video Alltime Conspiracies

Did the Nazis have a base on the moon? It's on!

YouTube video ritekid

Space is a vacuum so there isn't any sound. Right?

Image David Erickson

A secret memo purportedly shows that JFK demanded UFO files ten days before he was assassinated. The story is at

Image Mike Juvrud

Was a fatal California Bigfoot attack brushed under the rug by the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management back in the '70's? Read about it at

Image Rob Petersen

A lake appears in the Tunisian desert overnight. Read about it at
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