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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Posts from November 2013

Tinfoil Hat Tuesday 11/26/13
It's Tinfoil Hat Tuesday! Listen at 6:35am & 8:35am EVERY Tuesday, WILK 103.1FM, www.wilknewsradio.com!

Study claims EVP's exist- even in controlled environments.

credit CBS
Photo credit: CBS

He had little musical ability before a number of concussions playing sports.  Now he's considered a prodigy. 
CLICK HERE for the full story

Does this picture prove that human beings are not from Earth? Click HERE!

Photo: Susan Devanny
The ghost face of the USS Arizona? HERE's the story.

Photo: http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/sseop/images/ISD/highres/STS088/STS088-724-66_3.JPG
Nikola Tesla claimed to be receiving radio signals from space in 1899. Were they coming from THIS and who could put a satellite in orbit in the 19th century?

This project is a 3d representation of vimanas created by Guru Prasad Narayanan, M.Sc. Digital Video & Special Effects,
Leeds Metropolitan University 2012

Have US soldiers in Afghanistan vanished trying to unearth a 'vimana'? Click HERE.
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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday 11/19/13
It's Tinfoil Hat Tuesday, every week at 6:35 and 8:35am on WILK 103.1FM, www.wilknewsradio.com!


Is 4-year-old 'Sam' his own grandfather reincarnate? Click HERE for the story.


Did hikers in a Bulgarian forest get a picture of a gray alien? Click HERE.

3 'modern' inventions that existed millions of years ago? Read more HERE!

We have a 'third eye' in our heads. What's it for? Click HERE!

Photo by Zbourna, flikr

Today is the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
History buffs visit Gettysburg every year, but it's also a mecca for ghost hunters.
CHECK OUT some of the area's most haunted sites.

Photo by Kronerda, flikr
Woman takes photo of night sky, finds "Invisible humanoid" instead
CLICK HERE for the story, and the unusual photo
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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday 11/12/13
This week's edition of Tinfoil Hat Tuesday begins with a curious tale of coincidence...or something more!

King Umberto met a restaurant owner named Umberto who could have been his twin. Both of them were married to women named Margherita. Both had sons named Vittorio. And that's just the beginning! Click HERE!

16 creepy things kids have said. And there are some creepy ones HERE!

We complain because the UFO and Bigfoot pictures are always fuzzy and grainy but when they're not fuzzy and grainy we think they're fake? You be the judge of this encounter in Michigan about two weeks ago. Click HERE!

From 'PhantomsandMonsters.com', alien abduction in northeast PA? Click the picture for the full story!

Did the Kraken exist after all?  CLICK HERE for the story.

Mom finds deadly Brazilian spider's nest on bananas.  CLICK here for the creepy details.
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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday 11/05/13
Pictures, links, and videos that made it (or almost made it) to this week's TInfoil Hat Tuesday on WILK!

You've heard about the movie "The Conjuring", now read the real story of the Demon Doll!  CLICK HERE

Don't worry, if doomsday comes, our seeds are protected.  READ about it HERE

A RC 'Grim Reaper'? Click HERE!

An Army helicopter and a UFO mystery 40 years old. Read it HERE.

Have you ever had a dream that featured 'this man'? Seems a lot of people have. Click Thisman.org!
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