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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

Posts from October 2013

Tinfoil Hat Tuesday 10/29/13
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A UFO falls from the sky in Iceland? Click HERE

Haunted lawnmower available on Craigslist. Click HERE!

A dolphin asks a human for help! Here's the LINK!

A forensic archaeologist says don't sweat a zombie apocalypse! Here's the STORY.

It's freaky enough dealing with ghost people, how about ghost cats?  MORE HERE

Is this sandy imprint proof of a bigfoot?  A man thinks the creature is not just lurking in his woods but throwing rocks at him.  MORE HERE

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10-22-13 Tinfoil Hat Tuesday

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Is that a ghost peeking out the window? Click HERE!

A UFO in Cyprus. Read the story HERE!

Click UFO's and Nixon...and Elvis?

Is the 'Chupacabra' real? And have they made their way to Texas? Click the LINK!

A 300 million-year-old aluminum wheel found in Russia? And that's not all! Click HERE!
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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday 10/15/13

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Not your average crop circles, do these contain information about DNA not found on earth?


Need something else to worry about? How about a government robot that can catch you?

Evidence of time travel? Then how DID a Swiss watch end up in a sealed 400-year-old tomb?

The US military wants a real-life 'Iron Man' suit!


More first person stories of encounters with men and women in black, and they don't just appear when there are UFO's.



READ MORE about the strange winged creature seen flying from one tree to another over Santiage de Chile.

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Tinfoil Hat Tuesday 10/8/13

Links to the stories featured (and occasionally some that weren't!) in this week's 'Tinfoil Hat Tuesday' file.

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It was 1954. He was eight years old. His uncle was a metallurgist who got a little too talkative at a party.

Verification of Roswell debris

 The artillery barrage had no effect but they seemed to get mad when PFC Wall opened fire!

 Korean War: Bizarre craft hit soldiers with debilitating light beam

Ever seen a ghost? Some celebrities say they have.
Top 3 Celebrity Ghost Encounters ( )

From the UFO Iconoclast Blog- a post by Anthony Bragalia confirming that he has seen photos depicting an alien humanoid creature from the Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash in 1947. (no this isn't the picture we're talking about)

CLICK here for the FULL STORY

The Sasquatch Genome Project has spent $500,000 collecting data and evidence over the past five years.  They released video last week of what they say is evidence of Bigfoot in Kentucky.  Watch and judge for yourself.



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