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"...I'm a Doctor, Not a Mason!"

     A team of NASA astrobiologists have made a startling announcement. They have discovered alien life...in California.

Not alien life as in "ET, phone home", but what they describe as "not life as we know it." Until now the life forms scientists are familiar with (you, me, flowers, bugs, the cast of Jersey Shore) are known to live on carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur and phosphorus. Until now.

For whatever reason somebody from NASA scooped up a handful of mud from the bottom of volcanic Mono Lake in California and took a close-up look at the schmutz (let me know if I'm getting too tech for ya) that lives in that mud and they discovered a kind of bacteria that doesn't need the phosphorus, it substitues arsenic instead.

To the average man on the street that may be of some interest. But to the scientific among us, that news was nothing short of astounding!

I know it was astounding to the scientists at the NASA press conference because one of them likened it to the "Devil in the Dark" episode of "Star Trek" which featured a silicon-based life form called the "horta".

If you're a "Star Trek" fan you remember the horta. It looked like a La-Z-Boy sized chunk of burned cheese that had slipped off a pizza onto the floor. It moved at about one mile per hour (the guy inside that rubber costume must have been sweating like Mike Tyson at a spelling bee) so I don't know why Kirk didn't just turn around and walk away but I'm no scientist from the future.

Anyway, what this means is that one day when man travels to the stars and lands on some far off planet, if there is life there it's quite possible it may consist of creatures wholly unrecognizable and foreign to us. Like a meeting of the sales department.

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12/02/2010 4:31PM
"...I'm a Doctor, Not a Mason!"
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12/05/2010 7:10PM
of both your show and blog, it is great to see someone not take life too seriously. Thank you. As for the other posters, if you have a problem with other hosts, email them or contact management at the station. Webster is not the PD or GM
12/06/2010 5:47PM
Thanks for making me laugh-----
I always knew there were aliens in california-now we know-----Schmutz? Schmutz? Haven't heard about him in years! (He was my fraternity brother) Your description of horta is absolutely priceless!! LOL-----------
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